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Kleen Air King Ozone Air Purifier Rental Enlarge Image Email to a Friend King Air Purification Corp.
Kleen Air King Ozone Air Purifier Rental
ITEM NUMBER:    APC-5009-001
Your Price: Due to the original and return shipping, this product carries an shipping surcharge of $25.00. A call tag will be issued to pick-up the rental after 7 days.

Product Description: The Kleen Air King ozone air purifier is a simple and very effective air and surface disinfecting system. It generates activated oxygen (ozone) that destroys bacteria and eliminates odors right at the source. It is designed to operate on pennies a day and to give you years of good service. The unit uses a UV tube designed to produce ozone. This reduces maintenance to a minimum and makes it easy to control the amount of ozone the unit generates.

The rental will start on the day it is received and end 6 days later. In addition to the $110.00 rental fee there will be an additional fee of $25.00 to cover the shipping charges from N.E.E.D.S. to the customer and from the customer back to N.E.E.D.S.

Specifications: * The Kleen Air King stands 5 inches high, 21 inches in length and weighs 11 pounds.
* It has a metal housing with baked on enamel finish.
* The ozone is produced by one 18 inch U.V. bulb that has an ozone output of .045 ppm. (parts per million).
* The power source is 110-220 V-AC and a fan rating of 105 cfm.

Cleaning Area: Place the ozone air purifier in a location that does not restrict the airflow to the side grills and out of the exhaust fan located on top of the unit. Ozone is heavier than air so to ensure maximum coverage elevate your Kleen Air purifier as high as possible but no closer than eighteen inches to the ceiling. The King Air will clean up to 2,400 sq. ft. of open space.
Filter Change: Little to no maintenance is required to keep the unit operating at peak capacity. Depending on usage, the UV tube needs to be changed every 12 to 14 months. Dust the outer cabinet with an oil free cloth. Use a vacuum cleaner to clean the grills and fan.
Warnings: Do not use the Kleen Air King to eliminate odors caused by exhaust from automobiles, buses, trucks, airplane engines, or from any system or instrument that utilizes fossil fuel (kerosene heaters and space heaters). The mixture of ozone and exhaust fumes from internal combustion engines using diesel or gasoline as fuel may be harmful to people suffering from respiratory ailments.
Additional Info: Operating Instructions:
Plug the power cord into an appropriate grounded outlet. Program the unit for the desired operating time. In most cases, the unit should be programmed to run for one hour or less. Once the timer is set, depress the power on/off switch to on. To set the timer gradually turn the program dial clockwise until the white triangle on the inner dial points to the actual time of day. For to-the-minute- setting, turn the minute hand clockwise so that the white triangle point to the exact time of day. To run sequences (how many minutes on and how many minutes off the unit will run) set the white trippers to the on position (the tripper is pushed towards the clock). For each tripper turned to the on position, the unit will run for 15 minutes.

Operating Time:
The required operating time is determined by several factors: the size of the room, the severity of the problem that needs to be resolved, and whether the room is occupied while the unit is in operation. The recommended time sequences is fifteen minutes on, forty five minutes off if humans or pets occupy the space. Programming the unit for this operating time level generates the desired result in an average size room (500 square feet) while people and/or pets occupy the room. While operating the Kleen Air King for longer that fifteen minutes at a time it is recommended that you do not occupy the space. Upon re-entry, air the room by opening windows and doors. Allow a short period of time for the ozone to dissipate.