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Ionic Minerals: "Essential" Molecules for Life
Submitted by Pure Essence Labs

In our body, minerals are found in all of the 60 trillion cells that make up our tissues, organs, and fluids, and provide both structural and functional support. For example, the primary component responsible for bone, teeth, and nail rigidity are minerals. Some minerals play an important role in enzymes and the enzyme systems responsible for regulating metabolic processes. Others help maintain the proper acid/alkaline balance required to sustain life. Still others help with nerve transmission, muscle contraction/relaxation, energy production, cell permeability, water metabolism, and regulation of blood volume. Minerals also help support proper mood, sleep, cardiovascular function, and blood sugar levels and are responsible for nearly every metabolic function the body performs.

The mounting evidence that mineral deficiencies are becoming increasingly prevalent, thus impairing the body's ability to carry out these important metabolic processes, has many health experts concerned. In fact, research shows certain mineral deficiencies are linked to several conditions common in today's society, including weak or brittle bones, blood sugar disorders, fatigue, depression, anemia, heart irregularities, enlarged prostate, and immune impairment.

The solution to reversing or preventing a mineral deficiency is simple: support the diet with high-quality mineral supplements. It may be helpful to understand that minerals found in food and supplements are rarely by themselves. They are stabilized by being bound to something, such as amino-acid chelates, ascorbates, citrates, gluconates, carbonates, oxides, and sulfates. Each mineral has varying degrees of absorbability, and as they are introduced into the digestive system, your body attempts to cleave or disassociate the mineral from its bond (for example carbonate or citrate). The end result is that the body assimilates only the elemental or "un-bonded" form of the mineral.

These "un-bonded" minerals are classified as "ionic" because of the electrical charge they possess. When enough stomach acid is present, minerals are cleaved from the compounds bound to them and ionic minerals are created. This ionic form is preferred, as minerals can now enter and exit the cell easily.

You can make the ingestion of ionic minerals easier by consuming them directly in supplement form. One of the most complete and effective formulas of ionic minerals is Super D-K Calcium Plus from Pure Essence Labs. It not only contains seven ionic minerals: calcium, magnesium, potassium, zinc, boron, copper, and manganese, but also, K2, B6, B12, folate, C, A, 1,000 IU of vitamin D3 plus silica and ionic trace minerals. For those worried about swallowing pills, Super D-K Calcium Plus comes in powder, which mixes easily in water. Natural sweeteners like lo han and stevia combined with natural fruit extracts of raspberry and lemon are added for a delicious taste.

The key to getting your necessary minerals is knowing how to select a good quality comprehensive ionic formula. It is that simple!

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