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Aluminum Foil Recyl 505 SQF Enlarge Image Email to a Friend If You Care
Aluminum Foil Recyl 505 SQF
ITEM NUMBER:    IYC-5000-001
SIZE:    1 Roll
MSRP: $6.89
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Product Description: IF YOU CARE 100% Recycled
Aluminum Foil is made from 100% recycled aluminum. When other aluminum foil is produced, it requires high energy. When If You Care 100% Recycle Aluminum Foil is made, it uses only 5 of the energy required for regular aluminum foil. This makes If You Care 100% Recycle Aluminum Foil much more environmentally friendly.

Aluminum saves fuel
Two lbs. of aluminum goes a long way, creating more than 300 ft of household aluminum foil. Because of the lightness of the material, aluminum saves large quantities of transport energy.

Where does it come from?
Aluminum is available in the earth's crust in many parts of the world as the mineral bauxite. The deposits are mostly found in shallow layers of the earth. If You Care Aluminum Foil has the added benefit of being 100% recycled.

Aluminum and food storage
When used for food storage, aluminum has great food protection qualities. It preserves the nutritional value and the quality of food. It protects food against light, oxygen, humidity and bacteria. At the same time, it also preserves taste, aroma, moisture, vitamins and consistency.

Additional Info: Product of Italy.
Packaging: Paperboard
Ingredients: 100% recycle aluminum, 100% recycled cardboard and 100% unbleached paper.
Suggested Use: 1. Pull off tear strip
2. Open lid
3. Pull out foil
4. Push lid firmly down and tear foil downwards.