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Silk Comfort Mask
COLOR:    White
MSRP: $34.50
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Product Description: Silk Comfort Mask
Luxurious silk provides instant relief from nuisance level non-toxic particles: Dust, Pollen, Mold, Dander, Lint, Soot
* Light Weight, Streamlined
* Folds forpocket or purse
* Adjustable ear loops for individual fit
* Breathe easier on hot, humid days
* Wash and wear
* Comfortable for under eye glasses
* Effective seal under eyes and around edges
* Nips chill from near freezing temperatures

Specifications: Wash mask before wearing to remove residue from manufacturing. For best results hand wash in cool water with a detergent [e.g. "Free and Clear" Seventh Generation, All, or Arm and Hammer for Sensitive Skin] which does not leave a residue that would obstruct breathing. Rinse well. Blot with a towel. Hang to dry or wear damp. Frequency of washing depends upon humidity, activity and grit in the air. If breathing through the mask becomes difficult or you begin to feel a burning sensation in your chest, remove mask and wash it. Do not dry clean. The mask may be dipped in hydrogen peroxide, then rinsed and washed as above.

To fit the adjustable ear loops, remove the mask: 1. Grasp the elastic fold at the little buckle. 2. Lengthen the loop by pulling the fold, or shorten the loop by pulling the loose end. A comfortalbe fit, not too tight, nor too loose provides the best seal. If you feel air under your eyes, press the nose grip. Contents: Silk, Nylon, Plastic, Cotton/ Polyester, Latex-Free Polyester Elastic. Some people are allergic to silk or sensitive to nylon or plastic. Check with your physician.

Filter Media: There are no carbon filters for this mask. The Organic Cotton Mask filters particulates only. It is effective on 5.0 microns 100%, 2.0 microns 99%, 1.0 microns 93%, and .07 microns 73%.
Filter Change: If breathing through the mask becomes difficult or you begin to feel a burning sensation in your chest, remove your mask and wash it.
Warranty: There is no warranty on this product unless it is defective upon arrival. Masks are guaranteed and will be replaced if defective in materials or construction.
Return Policy: Please note that respiratory masks are personal products which due to health standards may not be exchanged or returned for resale.
Warnings: Caution: This mask does not filter fragrances such as perfume or scented products (for those you need the Honeycomb Mask with an activated carbon filter). The mask does not provide protection to lungs for smoke, fine particles, gases, hazardous dusts, or chemicals. Seek other types of masks which are NIOSH approved for toxic gases, asbestos, Silica, or Spray Paint. The consumer is responsible to determine the suitability of application. Do not wear mask near a flame.
Additional Info: Latex Free. Sewn in the USA.