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Activated Coconut Carbon Filter Refill for Honeycomb Mask Enlarge Image Email to a Friend I Can Breathe!
Activated Coconut Carbon Filter Refill for Honeycomb Mask
ITEM NUMBER:    ICB-5009-005
MSRP: $47.00
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Product Description: Instructions: Place the filter inside the honeycomb so that the nose wire in the bias tape presses on the top of the filter, the top edge of the filter should be even with the top edge of the mask. Put the mask on. Press the wire nose grip under your eyes, do not pinch at bridge of nose.

To fit adjustable ear loops, remove the mask: 1. Grasp the elastic fold at the buckle. 2. Lengthen the loop by pulling the loop, or shorten the loop by pulling the loose end. A comfortable snug fit, not too tight, nor too loose provides the best seal. If you feel air under your eyes, press the nose grip. For heavy exposure, one filter may be put inside another. Ear loops may need to be readjusted.

Specifications: Filter: The black outside material consists of activated coconut shell carbon. Two layers of particle filtratrion are made from plant or wood based cellulose. The glue on the velcro dot is Ethylene Vinyl Acetate. The Honeycomb Mask contains: nylon, polyester, cotton, metal, hard plastic and latex-free elastic. Facial hair may prevent an effective seal.

Care: When not in use, the mask and filter may be hung to dry if damp and then sealed in a bag. If it becomes hard to breathe, the taste or smell ofpollution comes through, or you feel discomfort in your chest, it is time to discard the filter. How long the filter lasts depends upon your sensitivities and environment. Wash: If you are sensitive to fragrances, wash the frame before wearing to remove any residue from manufacturing.. The Honeycomb or Lace Mask is hand washable in cool water with unscented liquid detergent or dissolved baking soda. Rinse. Blot it with a towel then hang it dry before inserting a disposable carbon filter. DO NOT WASH THE FILTER. DISCARD.

Filter Media: The black outside material consists of military grade steam activated coconut carbon. Two layers of particle filtration are made from plant or wood based cellulose. The glue on the Velcro dot is Ethylene Vinyl Acetate.
Filter Change: Replace the filter when breathing becomes difficult or odor comes through even after adjusting the nose wire. How long a filter lasts depends upon sensitivities and environment.
Warranty: There is no warranty on this product unless it is defective upon arrival. Masks are guaranteed if defective in materials or construction.
Return Policy: Please note that respiratory masks are personal items which due to health standards may not be exchanged or returned for resale.
Warnings: Remove immediately if breathing becomes difficult and seek fresh air. This product does not provide oxygen nor replace industrial respirators for hazardous work and is not suitable for use in toxic gas areas or against asbestos, silica or spray paint. Keep away from fire. It is the consumer's responsibility to determine the suitability of application. This mask is not NIOSH certified and is not intended for occupational use.

Allergy warning: Filter contains Coconut shell.

Additional Info: Sewn in the USA