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Saving Smiles
Contributed By Jason Natural Cosmetics

Millions of people are concerned about including proper supplementation, diet, and exercise into their daily health regime. As proactive as they are about these areas of self-care, however, many take a passive approach toward preventative oral care.

To help encourage a more hands-on attitude to mouth-care, The JASON Oral Care line offers a variety of natural toothpaste and gels (with or without fluoride), dental floss, and corresponding mouthwashes, that don't contain any of the following: Laurel sulfates, synthetic sweeteners, sugar alcohols, propylene glycol, chemical preservatives, artificial colors or flavors, or animal by-products; and do no animal testing.

What you will find in these products are a multitude of key natural ingredients used to help promote healthy mouths and gums:
    Natural Whiteners—bamboo powder, calcium carbonate, and silica, which are used to repel plague build-up

    Antibacterial Agents–grapefruit seed and perilla seed extracts (the latter of which is also a natural omega-3 source), which actually prevent sugar acids and bacteria from forming in the mouth

    Anti-inflammatory Agents—organic Aloe Vera gel and MSM (methyl sulfonyl methol), which reduce gum irritation and redness

    CoQ10—a known nutrient for gum health, added to all of the gels along with natural calcium fluoride
JASON offers these ingredients in four toothpastes and five gels. The most popular is Powersmile™. Extracts of peppermint oil and parsley fight bad breathe and leave the mouth refreshed. It offers a natural whitening process and strong antibacterial support.

The spearmint in the Seafresh™ toothpaste also offers a natural whitening process with the nutrient-rich seaweed and antibacterial fighters. These ingredients work to strengthen and heal gums and teeth.

Healthy Mouth™ toothpaste was designed for antibacterial, inflammatory, microbial, and healing effects. Tea tree, cinnamon, cloves, and neem oils as well as aloe make this toothpaste a great tasting choice for diabetics and people who suffer form chronic infections.

Nutrismile™ offers Ester-C and ascorbic acid to help create healthy teeth and gums by reinforcing tooth enamel and offering protection from tooth decay. It uses the natural flavors of orange, mint, and cinnamon for a pleasant taste that will please all ages.

Oral Comfort™ with CoQ10 was designed specifically for people with sensitive teeth and gums. Gentle yet powerful, this gel has proven to provide protection from tooth decay and periodontal disease. Regular use helps to reduce the sensitivity to cold and heat, acids, and sweets.

JASON concentrated mouthwashes and CoQ10-coated dental flosses are the next logical steps to complete and healthy oral care.

JASON natural oral products can truly make a difference not only in actually healing mouth and gums, but in motivating you to maintain a regular periodontal regime to keep teeth healthy between regular dental visits.