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Catch ZZZZZZ Using Magne-z-ium
by Peter Gillham, C.N.

If you have spent even one sleepless night in bed, you understand the frustration associated with insomnia. However, if you are one of the 60 million Americans ho suffer from chronic insomnia and its serious repercussions—fatigue, irritability, lack of concentration and focus, reduced immunity, etc.—then magnify that frustration a thousand-fold. You begin to try everything from meditation to over-the-counter medications to grab a night of that elusive restful, quality sleep.


The inability to sleep and other stress-related maladies, such as muscle spasms, cramps, tension, and feeling uncomfortable upon rising are caused by lack of minerals, particularly magnesium. As an essential macro-mineral, magnesium is more important than calcium, potassium, or sodium, however, the body needs all three (plus phosphorous) to function properly.

Involved in several hundred enzymatic reactions throughout the body, magnesium is considered the "anti-stress" mineral. It is a natural tranquilizer, that relaxes both skeletal muscles and the smooth muscles of blood vessels and the gastrointestinal tract. (While calcium stimulates contraction of muscles, magnesium relaxes them.) So when the body lacks sufficient magnesium, many people suffer with stress-related symptoms, including high sensitivity, nervousness, edginess, irritability, anxiety, jumping at loud noises, fatigue, and insomnia. Unfortunately, magnesium deficiency is very common—90 to 95 percent of the population is deficient, but generally go unidentified. Therefore, this deficiency is not found or corrected. Deficiency is likely in those who:
  • Eat a high processed-food diet (i.e. nearly 85 percent of the magnesium in grains is lost during the milling of flours and in refining oils from magnesium-rich nuts and seeds)
  • Soak or boil all foods, especially vegetables (both can leach magnesium into the water, thus leaving the liquid from cooking vegetables high in magnesium and other minerals)
  • Drink soft water
  • Are alcoholics
  • Eat food grown in magnesium-deficient soil, where synthetic fertilizers containing no magnesium are often used
  • After burns, serious injuries, or surgery
  • In patients with diabetes, liver disease, or malabsorption problems
  • When magnesium elimination is increased, as in people who:
    - Have large amounts of stress
    - Use alcohol, caffeine, or excess sugar
    - Take diuretics or birth control pills
About 40 to 50 percent of the magnesium we consume is absorbed, though this may vary from 25 to 75 percent depending on stomach acid levels, bodily need, and dietary habits. The kidneys can excrete or conserve magnesium accordingly. The intestines can also eliminate excess magnesium in the feces.

When not affected by risk factors, the best food sources of magnesium come from the vegetable kingdom, though seafood has fairly high amounts. As a component of chlorophyll, this mineral is important to plant photosynthesis; therefore, dark green vegetables are good sources of magnesium. Most nuts, seeds, and legumes have high amounts of magnesium as well as soy products, especially flour and tofu. Whole grains, particularly wheat (especially the bran and germ), millet, and brown rice; and fruits, such as avocados and dried apricots, are other sources.

As previously noted, however, there are many factors that affect magnesium availability from foods, leaving many people deficient. An obvious solution is supplementation, but in which form? Most are familiar with capsules and tablets. However, when taken as a powder, magnesium can be completely dissolved in water. In this form, it absorbs fast into the body, producing almost instant relief.

Natural Calm is a product developed especially for instant relief from deficiencies, particularly stressrelated symptoms and insomnia. It handle sexcess calcium in the body and gradually dissolves calcium deposits. It is made from a water-soluble form developed by a proprietary process, discovered 20 years ago, which provides the most absorbable, effective, fast-acting magnesium available. Because it comes in a powder, it can be made fresh each time, is more bio-available than tablets and capsules, and doesn't produce side effects.

So even though it is not as prevalent as the other macrominerals, magnesium has many essential metabolic functions in the body. If getting proper rest, relaxation, and sleep, as well as the ability to better manage stress, is what you need, then a highquality, instantly bio-available magnesium supplement is the answer. Natural Calm will enable you to get satisfying and restful sleep, so you can be properly energized and awake to get the most out of your health and your life.

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