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Coral Calcium

CORAL CALCIUM seems to be sweeping the nation. After much research, I have come to some conclusions that I would like to share with you.

Is it the panacea it's touted to be? Probably not. However, it does have merit; since calcium is the most abundant mineral in the body, its benefits are obvious but the balance of magnesium and the trace minerals are equally important.

Most coral calcium comes from the Sango Coral Reef in Okinawa, Japan. Although there are many species of coral, the Sango coral is unique in its mineral content. Premium marine coral calcium is collected from the fragments of coral that have broken off and have drifted to the bottom of the shallow seabed in Okinawa where it is harvested in an ecologically friendly manner. This provides the highest quality coral calcium available without disturbance of the live beds. Indeed, the Japanese government supports these mining techniques because the coral reef actually flourishes when the seabeds are cleaned up.

This premium coral yields approximately 70 trace minerals, 24% naturallyoccurring calcium and 12% naturally-occurring magnesium (give or take a little depending on what nature is providing). In other words, this produces approximately 240 mg. of bio-available calcium and 120 mg. of magnesium per 1000 mg. of marine coral calcium. This composition is considered ideal for human consumption as it is similar in chemical structure to bone.

Fossilized coral calcium, on the other hand, is obtained from the coral that has been washed up on the shore. It typically contains approximately 37.5% calcium or an elemental yield of 375 mg. per 1000 mg. of coral calcium, but practically no magnesium. Calcium cannot be assimilated without magnesium, and magnesium is the most deficient mineral in our country. In fact, excess calcium can actually deplete magnesium and can cause such health issues as constipation and heart palpitations! So to make this form of coral calcium appear balanced, some companies add inexpensive and poorly absorbed magnesium oxide. Obviously, fossilized coral calcium is cheaper since it is easier to collect. The trace minerals are also typically lower as the elements of sun, wind, and rain etc. have taken their toll.

Acidic conditions in the body are thought to contribute to everything from fatigue and achy joints to promoting the growth of cancer. Certain minerals, especially calcium, help to alkalinize the body and provide oxygen to cells. You may recall that cancer thrives in an anerobic (without oxygen) environment, and acid robs the body of oxygen. Many researchers now agree that adding trace minerals and alkalinizing the body can do much to promote good health. In the United States, a land where the topsoil is now almost devoid of trace minerals, coral calcium can be an important source of these micronutrients. Eating a diet rich in vegetables and fruits (preferably organic) will alkalinize the body and coral calcium can provide additional support in this regard.

Although coral calcium may not be the panacea it is purported to be, recognize that these minerals are very important to our health.

I believe the Natur-Tyme coral calcium is a true value—premium marine coral calcium in the approximate 2:1 ratio of calcium/magnesium and 65-72 trace minerals with no fillers added! I'm adding it to my family's regimen along with Advanced Daily, Perfect Food and Everyday Essential Oils.

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