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Eye Care Revolution

The eye is not only the window to the soul, but the mirror of the body. Eye health depends on digestion, liver function, circulation, breathing, lymphatics and neurological status. Eyes do not get sick by themselves and when they do, the root cause lies elsewhere in the body. Simply put, the eye is a bag of water with two lenses that focus light; the first lens is the cornea and the inner lens is the crystalline lens of the eye (which can form a cataract.) The remainder of the eye is fluid filled. The retina is in the back, and its central portion is called the macula. The densely clustered photoreceptors are highly efficient and highly metabolic and have multiple nerve connections that go directly to the brain. Since there is no room for nutrient storage in the retina, all of the necessary antioxidants and minerals are stored in the liver.

THE EYE CARE REVOLUTION (PUBLISHED IN 1999 WITH SECOND EDITION IN 2003) covers a wide array of eye conditions, symptoms and solutions; natural as well as traditional methods of ocular prevention and treatments are featured. Not only are pharmaceutical, laser and surgery options outlined, but also breathing, water consumption, stretching/exercise, relaxation and spirituality are addressed. For example, the way to avoid cataracts is through a combination of wearing UV blocking sunglasses, avoiding photosensitizing medicines (check with your pharmacist) and taking adequate doses of specific antioxidants, Vitamin A, C, E, and lutein (Floraglo lutein), which reduce the risk of both cataracts and macular degeneration. Glutathione boosters such as N-acetylcystine, SAMe, MSM and alpha lipoic acid generate glutathione which is a major anti-oxidant in the lens and protects against radiation.

GLAUCOMA is a disease of stress. Reducing stress, protecting nerve fibers and improving circulation to the back of the eye are as important is lowering intraocular pressure. There are many nutritional options, as well as ayurvedic herbs, i.e. Trifola, Coleus, Pilocarpus, Ginkgo, and Salvia which are effective. My colleague, Alan Tillotson, Ph.D., author of The One Earth Herbal Source Book, has created a number of formulas for this and other ocular diseases.

Macular degeneration has become the plague of senior citizens and represents starvation of the retina. Because of antacids, poor nutrition and certain life style choices, the incidence of macular degeneration is increasing. Ninety percent of people with AMD will have a gradual degeneration or dry form of macular degeneration (dry form) which can be stabilized in many cases by resupplying the eye with appropriate nutrients. These include DHA (long chain poolyunsaturated omega-3 fatty acid), Vitamin A, C, E, zinc, selenium, lutein. Carlson Labs makes an excellent super DHA product which has 500 mg. DHA and only 200 mg. EPA. It must be remembered that the brain and the retina are formed during intrauterine life because of their importance to the body and the placenta actively pumps DHA into the fetus. It is truly time for an oil change. Patients with macular degeneration and other eye diseases do not accept "Nothing can be done" when there very well may be other options.

Not only will DHA help depression, heart disease, Parkinson's, Alzheimers, and reduce the risk of certain cancers, it will significantly improve dry eyes within several weeks and improve night vision within days. For this reason, I formulated Able Eyes TM (Carlson Labs) to specifically include critical ocular ingredients--DHA, lutein, quercitin, magnesium, silymarin, bioflavinoids, as well as the usual antioxidants, A, C, E and zinc.

The Eye Care Revolution will point out natural therapies and preventive techniques for computer vision, eye strain, herpes, migraines, diabetes, insomnia and countless general medical problems. Returning to a healthy life style and rain forest remedies is both common sense and yet revolutionary for modern eye care.

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