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Maple Lace Leaf Ornament - 24K Gold Finish Enlarge Image Email to a Friend Goldsmith Gifts
Maple Lace Leaf Ornament - 24K Gold Finish
ITEM NUMBER:    GSG-5009-001
SIZE:    1 Each
COLOR:    Gold
MSRP: $18.45
Your Price:

Product Description: Goldsmith Gifts has served stores nationwide since 1974-supplying Real Leaf and Cone Jewelry and Ornaments finished in 24K Gold, Silver or Iridescent Copper. Goldsmith Gifts uses Real Leaves and Real Cones that have been gathered from America's vast forests, valleys, and mountains.

After gathering and drying the leaf or cone, they cover it with copper to protect the leaf, retain its shape, vein patterns and natural beauty. The Lace style leaf has additional steps that duplicate nature's process. The leaf is then electroplated with 24K GOLD or SILVER or Iridescent COPPER. Goldsmith Gifts take pride in their hand-finished products. This is a quality product you can purchase with confidence. All of their products are Guaranteed to be a Real Leaf or Cone and hand-finished by electroplating process in actual 24K Gold or Fine Silver or Copper. Every product is MADE IN USA!

Additional Info: All Ornaments come with a fancy color-coordinated ribbon ready to hang and descriptive label! Ornaments are 2 1/2" minimum in length and/or width and/or diameter--depending on leaf style.

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