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Aloe Vera Fractionally Distilled Liquid Enlarge Image Email to a Friend George's Aloe
Aloe Vera Fractionally Distilled Liquid
ITEM NUMBER:    GEO-5002-032
SIZE:    32 Fluid Ounces
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Product Description: We grow aloe vera plants that have been scientifically selected. Remember, not all aloe vera plants are the same. We selected one particular variety of Aloe Barbadensis Miller. We process the aloe by a unique trade secret method that selectively removes constituents which we feel are not desirable. While researching the aloe vera plant in Mexico and Texas, we noticed that the road runner bird consistently ran to a special variety of aloe plant when it needed a drink. We took the plant the road runner chose, chemically analyzed it, and found it to have a more potent gel than other aloe varieties. We then concentrated on this plant to produce George's "Always Active" Aloe. Try this product for 30 days and feel the difference. Satisfaction guaranteed.
Additional Info: No refrigeration necessary.
Packaging: Clear Plastic
Ingredients: 100% Fractionally Distilled Aloe Barbadensis Miller.
Does Not Contain: Bitter, Preservatives, Additives
Suggested Use: Adult: Drink 2 ounces twice daily. Child: To 1 Year: 1 Tablespoon daily.
1-5 Years: 2 Tablespoons daily.
5-12 Years: 2 Ounces daily.

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Aloe Vera Fractionally Distilled Liquid