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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Q-Link?

The Q-Link ™ is a stylish pendant or bracelet that helps your biofield function at its optimum level, which strengthens your resilience and resistance to the effects of stress.

What are the benefits of Q-Link?

People who wear a Q-Link report having clearer thinking, increased awareness, calmness, better sleep, enhanced mental focus, stamina, vitality and more.
  • The Q-Link strengthens your resistance to the effects of stress
  • Increases energy and enhances mental performance especially under stress
  • Strengthens immunities to cell phones, computers, and other Electromagnetic Fields (EMF)
What's new about the Q-Link Pendant?

The new Q-Link is chic, with a sleek, white dual-tone design. The one and one-half inch triangle with beveled edges has two distinct sides, each making a unique statement. It can be worn by both men and women and be worn all the time—as a signature piece, dressed up or down. The new pendant was designed by internationally acclaimed designer Neville Brody.

Are there any enhancements to the technology?

The next generation pendant and bracelet contains the latest enhancements to the SRT technology, SRT 3, which enables the device to more efficiently resonate life-supporting frequencies in the biofield, providing a more powerful response to stressors. Most people will realize heightened energy, notice a quicker effect and have more rapid return to centered emotional balance.

Does it have a power source or electronic components?

Q-Link products contain no power sources of their own and work like a tuning fork, resonating with and strengthening the life-enhancing information already present within the biofield.

How long do I have to wear it before I notice the benefits?

Tests have shown that the effects are instant, but individual experience will vary. For optimal results, we highly recommend that you wear your Q-Link all the time.

Do Q-Link products have a warranty and money back guarantee?

Acrylic Pendants, Titanium Pendants and Bracelets carry a 1 year manufacturer warranty. Silver and Gold Pebble style Pendants and Pet Q-Link carry a 90 day manufacturer warranty. You may return your Q-Link product for any reason to your original place of purchase for a full refund within 90 days of purchase. Products must be returned in original condition and accompanied by original packaging.

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