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Whole House Sediment Filter Enlarge Image Email to a Friend Clean Water Revival
Whole House Sediment Filter
ITEM NUMBER:    CWR-6008-001
MSRP: $299.00
Your Price: This product carries a drop ship charge of $50.00.

Product Description: The sediment filter is the first filter in line to the whole house system.
Specifications: Depending on the water conditions, there are two models available:
* The bag filter has a higher capacity to remove dirt.
* The fluted filter is cleanable and available in various pore sizes.
* The Housing is made out of a non-leachable plastic and is 20 inches in length.

Cleaning Area: The bag filter is rated for 10 micron pore size. The fluted filter is rated for 10 to 20 pore size.
Filter Media: The sediment is made out of a non-leachable polyester.
Filter Change: The sediment filter should be changed every six months.
Warranty: There is a 1-year manufacturer warranty on the housing.
Return Policy: All systems are custom designed. Components and media will vary depending on water contaminants found. Therefore, any whole house system that is purchased is non returnable.
Additional Info: CWR's whole house water filtration systems are all custom designed and it is recommended that you obtain a water report from your local water municipality before purchasing a whole house system. A whole house system does require a licensed plumber to install. Installation costs are not included in the price of the system. It is recommended that you get a quote from a licensed plumber for installation costs before purchasing the system.