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Total Home Filtration System LEVEL 2B Enlarge Image Email to a Friend Clean Water Revival
Total Home Filtration System LEVEL 2B
ITEM NUMBER:    CWR-6029-001
MSRP: $1649.00
Your Price: This product carries a drop ship charge of $250.00.

Product Description: Water Contaminants are increasing in concentration and toxicity. Gasoline additives, chlorine plus ammonia and its by-products, industrial chemicals and pharmaceuticals are now commonly found in many residential water systems. Absorption of chemicals can occur from drinking, bathing and showering in contaminated water. Even when you flush a toilet, it outgases chlorine vapors that you breathe in. If you own your own home you can eliminate these contaminants from your drinking and bathing water. CWR's Total Home Filtration Systems incorporate the finest sediment and carbon technology to absorb chemicals contaminants before they enter your home and cause harmful effects to your health.
Specifications: The Total Home Filtration System LEVEL 2B is designed for a home up to 3,000 square feet and contains:
* One 20 inch Big Blue sediment filter.
* The sediment filter housing is made out of high density polypropylene with pressure relief buttons.
* The sediment filter dimensions: 29" high and 5" deep.
* Weight of the sediment filter: 13lbs.
* One 1.0 cubic foot backwashable carbon tank.
* Tank Dimensions: 8" deep and 57" in height.
* Tank weight: 45 lbs.
* The tank has a control valve on the top that is automatically programmed to backwash and regenerate the carbon.
* Grounded electrical outlet (GFI) needs to be available near installation.
* Shut off and back flow valves and pressure gauges are to be supplied by plumber. * Your choice of a Double Crown Water Purifier.
* The tanks are backwashable and are installed where the main pipe enters the house at the water meter. If there is no basement the units can be installed next to the hot water heater.
Double Crown Specifications:
* The housing is made of a medical grade-ABS plastic.
* Stands 10" high, and 1.5" wide.
* Base 2.5" wide.
* A plumber is required to install this water filter.

Cleaning Area: * The flow rate of the carbon tank is 18 gallons per minute.
* The sediment filter will remove particles, dirt, rust, sand and organic materials (sludge, leaves, roots, etc.).
* The flow rate of the ceramic filter is 1.5 gpm (gallons per minute) at 45 psi and the filter is effective up to 1,200 gallons. The ceramic carbon filter will reduced the following: chlorine (class 1) is reduced 97.20%, bad taste/odor is reduced 99.00%, lead (150 ppb) is reduced 98.25%, particulate reduction (class 1) rust, dirt, sediment (greater than 0.8 microns) is 99.99%, parasites, such as cryptosporidium and Giardia is reduced 99.99%, and turbidity is reduced 99.69%.
Capacity of the upgrades available:
* Fluoride and arsenic filter capacity is approximately 600 gallons depending on concentration of fluoride and hardness in the drinking water.
* VOC filter capacity is approximately 1,200 gallons. It will reduce chlorine >90% @ 1 ppm, chloroform >95% @ 1ppm, and particulate >95%.
* Nitrate filter capacity is 1,200 gallons.
* UV filter capacity is 1.5 gpm (gallons per minute) at 45 psi and the filter is effective up to 1,200 gallons.

Filter Media: * The sediment filter is a 20 micron non-leachable polyester filter.
* The 1.0 cubic foot backwashable carbon tank contains a blend of activated coconut shell and catalytic carbon.
Double Crown:
* The carbon filter is a 3 stage filtration system. The first stage is Bentonite Kieselguhr ceramic which filters out parasites, bacteria, rust, dirt and sediment from the water. A small amount of silver baked into the ceramic inhibits the growth of bacteria. The second stage is made up of activated coconut shell carbon which reduces chlorine, chemicals, pesticides, bad taste and odors. The third stage is a heavy metal removing compound, which is incorporated in the carbon block called A.T.S. (titanium zeolite) that reduces lead and copper.
* The VOC filter media consists of 0.75 pounds of stream activated, acid washed coconut shell carbon.
* The fluoride and arsenic filter media consists of activated alumina (a granular highly porous and adsorptive form of aluminum oxide). The filter will remove up to 70% of arsenic from water supplies. Activated alumina filters have one duty; to remove arsenic from water, but there is a tradeoff. Although an activated alumina filter lowers fluoride levels quite well it may add a little bit of aluminum back into the water. CWR takes special precautions with their arsenic filter to prevent aluminum from entering the drinking water. It is triple washed and pre-conditioned with special gaskets.
* Nitrate filter is a cation resin filter.
* The filter has a U.V. germicidal bulb that exposes the water to a strong ultraviolet germicidal dose.

Filter Change: * The carbon tank filter should be changed every 3-5 years.
* The sediment filter should be changed every year.
* The filters in the double unit should be changed every year.

Warranty: The tank with control valve has a 15-year manufacture warranty and the sediment filter has a 1 year manufacture warranty.
There is a 1-year manufacture warranty on housing and component parts.

Return Policy: All Whole House Systems are custom made, therefore they are not returnable.
Warnings: Certain states such as California, Iowa, and Wisconsin prohibit health claims as a matter of state law. Such claims not in compliance are hereby withdrawn. The listed information does not imply, indicate, signify or suggest that your drinking water contains harmful contaminants. Contamination can only be determined through testing by your local water supplier. Nor does the information imply, indicate, signify or suggest that water treatment devices are an acceptable permanent alternative to central water treatment by your supplier.