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Boost your Health Exponentially with Cherries!
Submitted by Cheribundi

Cherries are the original American grown Superfruit, a category of fruits that have high levels of natural compounds with disease-fighting properties. Cherries are known natural pain relievers for arthritis and gout, and research shows they reduce uric acid and blood markers of inflammation. These health properties are due to the phytonutrients found in cherries, which include many phenolic compounds that are strong antioxidants.

Tart cherries have a very short growing season and are often one of the first fruits harvested in the summer. Because of this short growing season, pesticide applications on cherry crops tend to be very limited. Since most tart cherries are not consumed as fresh fruit and do not need a flawless appearance, they receive even fewer pesticides than sweet cherries—making them a very natural choice. As stewards of the environment, the tart cherry industry has been at the forefront of sustainable growing practices and responsible pesticide research for many years.

The availability and cost of fresh tart cherries year round makes it difficult for most consumers to incorporate cherries into their daily diets. Cheribundi answers this need by providing an all-natural 100% juice that is as close to the fresh cherry as possible and therefore delivers the most health benefits 365 days a year. Drinking two bottles of cheribundi daily was proven to reduce muscle soreness post workout, reduce inflammation markers in the blood, improve sleep, and reduce oxidative stress blood markers.