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Mint Free Herbal Toothpaste Enlarge Image Email to a Friend Auromere
Mint Free Herbal Toothpaste
ITEM NUMBER:    AUR-5005-4.16
SIZE:    4.16 Ounces
MSRP: $9.25
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Product Description: Auromere's Mint-Free Ayurvedic Formula is compatible with homeopathic remedies. It also combines the natural tooth-whitening fibre peelu with the astringent and invigorating properties of neem and 22 other barks, roots, plants and flowers that have been esteemed for centuries by Ayurvedic Specialists for their separate and combined efficacy in maintaining superior dental hygiene. Ayurveda ("Ayur" = Life and "Veda" = Knowledge) is the ancient holistic science of India which aims at a total harmony of Mind, Life, Body and Spirit in balance with nature's rhythms and the world around us.
Regular use gently and naturally cleans and polishes teeth to their whitest, invigorates and soothes sensitive gums, and purifies the mouth and breath. Super tooth whitener. Recommended for sensitive teeth. Concentrated: Lasts 3 times longer.

Additional Info: No animal testing.
Packaging: Paperboard
Ingredients: Fine Chalk (a gentle cleanser), Glycerine (from Vegetable Oil), Purified Water, Herbal Extract Blend: [Peelu (Salvadora persica), Neem (Azadirachta), Indian Licorice Root, Pomegranate Rind, Common Jujube, Rose Apple, Clove, Persian Walnut, Barleria prinoitis Bark (Vajradanti), Indian Almond, Bedda Nut, Asian Holly Oak, Prickly Ash, Zanthoxylum alatum (Tejbal), Sappan Wood, Catechu, Bengal Madder, Acacia arabica Bark (Babul), Sarsaparilla, Cinnamon, Medlar Bark, Mayweed, Bishop's Weed (Flower Extract)], Silica, Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (from Indian Coconut Oil), Carageenan (from Seaweed), Cellulose Gum (from Plants), Clove Oil, Anethol, Geranium Extract.
Does Not Contain: Mint, Animal Ingredients, Fluoride, Artificial Preservatives, Saccharin or Refined Sweeteners.