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Safecoat Low Odor DuroStain Wood Stain - Mahogany Enlarge Image Email to a Friend AFM
Safecoat Low Odor DuroStain Wood Stain - Mahogany
ITEM NUMBER:    AFM-6099-032
SIZE:    32 Fluid Ounces
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Product Description: AFM has always been concerned about the adverse health effects caused by harmful chemicals found in typical coatings. Prolonged exposure to these toxic chemicals can cause nausea, allergic reactions and environmental illness. Safecoat products are different. We have spent over 15 years working to create products which are safer for human health and which eliminate toxicity to the greatest extent possible, while still providing superior performance. While some products cannot be made completely safe, it is our goal to provide the least toxic formulations available, so you can obtain the quality you need while reducing the risk to your health and the environment.
Safecoat DuroStain is a premium quality, fast curing flat finish semi-transparent stain for interior and exterior surfaces. It promotes penetration of porous surfaces and has high adhesion for superior appearances as a decorative colorant. It contains no aniline dyestuffs, no gilsonite or asphalt, no aromatic solvents and no formaldehyde.
Use On: Safecoat DuroStain is recommended for all wood surfaces.
Colors: Clear, Cedar, Mahogany, Redwood, Walnut, Oak, Birch and Maple.
Non-photochemically reactive. Not toxic, doctor recommended and premium quality. Excellent pigmentation, stability and clarity of color. Minimal outgassing; low VOC content. No unnecessary chemicals; very low odor upon application and odor free once cured.

Warnings: Health Precautions: As with all coatings and stains, keep container tightly closed and out of the reach of children. Do not take internally. Keep from freezing. Always use adequate ventilation. If you are chemically sensitive, always test for personal tolerance.
Additional Info: Limitations: Unlike most conventional stains, Safecoat is made without formaldehyde preservatives. Do not contaminant. Keep from freezing. Do not use when indoor or surface temperature is below 55 degrees F.
Limited Warranty: Limited Liability: The great variation between environmental factors, possible surfaces and application techniques, and the lack of control we have over such matters, must affect our policies. Safecoat products are guaranteed not to be defective when applied and used in accordance with instructions. However, liability, whether express or implied, is limited to replacement of product or refund of purchase price and cannot include liability for labor costs or consequential damages. Because of the varying circumstances affecting each job, including environmental factors, possible surfaces and application techniques, and the lack of control we have over such matters, it is the user's responsibility to determine the suitability and safety of the product for any particular application. We particularly recommend that users always test in small inconspicuous areas before application to the entire surface.
Not tested on animals.

Packaging: Aluminum Can
Ingredients: VOC: Less than 350 grams per liter.
Does Not Contain: Formaldehyde or Animal Ingredients.
Suggested Use: Surface Preparation: Surfaces to be stained with Safecoat DuroStain should be sound and cleaned of dirt, dust, grease, wax, silicone, soap and oil, and must be completely free of mold, mildew or similar contamination. Cleaning with an odorless, dry-free, all-purpose cleaner like SafeChoice Super Clean is recommended. Before application, it is very important to test DuroStain in a small section of the surface to be stained to be sure shade and intensity of color is acceptable. Note that for large projects, successful application requires at least 2 people. Keep the working environment cool with moderate ventilation. Test the surface for porosity evenness by sprinkling water over the new wood. If you detect uneven penetration, a coat of Lock-in Sanding Sealer may be necessary to even out the differences. Allow Lock-in to dry for 1 hour and then lightly sand to reduce grain raising. Wood varieties will accept waterbased stains differently. Always test for stain penetration on the specified wood to determine proper color saturation.
Application: Before using, stir Safecoat DuroStain well. Damp sponge the entire working surface with water. While the surface is damp liberally apply the DuroStain with the grain using a good quality, wide bristle brush. Another method is to use a squeegee to spread the stain. Remember to work at a brisk pace keeping a wet edge. Have a spray bottle of water nearby to keep the unstained surface moist. Allow the stain to penetrate for ten seconds. Working with the grain, have your assistants wipe off the excess with clean rags as you continue applying the stain. In a very large installation, for example hardwood floors, terminate each pass with the stain a logical finishing point like the end of a plank or board. Work in a string pattern moving from one side of the room to the other until complete. Reduce if desired for spraying with up to 1/2 pint of water per gallon. Always use a painter's mask when spraying. Do not apply in direct sunlight. Allow 24 hours to dry before applying a Safecoat clear protective sealer.
Coverage: One gallon of Safecoat DuroStain covers approximately 300 square feet in one coat depending on surface porosity and the intensity of the stain color desired.
Clean-up: Clean tools and equipment while they are still wet with a solution of SafeChoice Super Clean and warm water.
Drying/Curing Time: Under normal conditions, Safecoat DuroStain dries to touch in one hour and is recoatable after two hours. Normal conditions include a dry surface, access to fresh air flow, moderate humidity, and temperatures above 55 degrees F. Thick applications, high humidity or conditions other than normal will cause Safecoat to dry and cure more slowly.

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