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SafeChoice Lock Out
ITEM NUMBER:    AFM-5063-128
SIZE:    128 Fluid Ounce
Your Price: Due to its weight, the 128 FlOz size carries an additional shipping surcharge of $5.00.

Product Description: DESCRIPTION: SafeChoice Lock Out is designed to perform two functions: first, to seal in the outgassing of harmful chemicals found in carpet fibers, and second to help repel dirt and stains.
SafeChoice Lock Out sealer is designed to be used in conjunction with SafeChoice Carpet Shampoo (to clean) and SafeChoice Carpet Seal (to seal carpet backing). This three-part system cleans out and seals in the harmful chemicals found throughout a typical carpet.ADVANTAGES / SIGNIFICANT BENEFITS:
Fights indoor air pollution by stopping the outgassing of toxic materials from carpet fibers - the only product in the world so designed.
Especially important for professional maintenance people who maintain centrally-ventilated buildings where occupants are subject to the effects of all toxic discharges within the building, including those from carpet and building and maintenance products.
Odorless - pleasant for user and occupant.
Repels dirt and stains.
Safely used by and for the chemically sensitive.

Warnings: LIMITATIONS: Not recommended for wool or velour carpet. Surface must be completely dry before application. Surface should be dry to touch before permitting floor traffic. HEALTH PRECAUTIONS: As with all cleaning products, keep container tightly closed and out of the reach of children. Do not ingest. If swallowed, drink two (2) glasses of water to dilute. In case of eye contact, flush immediately with plenty of water for 15 minutes. If you are chemically sensitive, always test for personal tolerance. LIMITED LIABILITY: Liability, whether express or implied, is limited solely to replacement of product shown to be defective when applied in accordance with instructions and shall under no circumstances include liability for labor costs or consequential damages. It is the user?s responsibility to determine the suitability and safety of the product for its intended use. This limited warranty may not be modified or extended by manufacturer?s representatives, distributors, or dealers of AFM products. We particularly recommend that users always test in small inconspicuous areas before application to the entire surface.
Packaging: White Plastic
Suggested Use: USE ON: SafeChoice Lock Out is generally suitable for all synthetic carpets and rugs. Because of variations in materials and production processes used by different manufacturers, you should always spot test to insure compatibility with your carpet. Wool fibers generally do not react well to water based products, so SafeChoice Lock Out is not recommended for wool. APPLICATION: Carpet should be vacuumed and cleaned using SafeChoice Carpet Shampoo to remove, as much as possible, the petrochemical residue from the fibers. After cleaning, seal carpet with SafeChoice Carpet Seal, then allow the carpet to dry thoroughly before proceeding with application of SafeChoice Lock Out. For old carpeting follow the same procedure of vacuuming and cleaning with SafeChoice Carpet Shampoo. For carpets exceeding four years in age use of SafeChoice Carpet Seal may be optional. Carpet must be completely dry whether or not SafeChoice Carpet Seal is required. Using a hand-held pump sprayer (similar to a garden sprayer), spray a fine mist of SafeChoice Lock Out evenly and uniformly over the entire carpet surface. Do not oversaturate. Allow the carpet to dry to touch before permitting floor traffic. COVERAGE: One gallon of SafeChoice Lock Out covers approximately 300 square feet for medium to tight weave carpet. CLEAN-UP: Clean tools and equipment with water while they are still wet. DRYING/CURING TIME: Two to four hours in moderate heat and humidity. Cool temperatures and/or high humidity may increase drying time.