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Why We All Can Benefit From a Detox
Excerpted from Dr. Walter Crinnion's
Clean, Green, and Lean: Get Rid of the Toxins That Make You Fat

"Every one of us is living in a toxic world. We're born with a body burden of chemicals we inherit while still in the womb because chemicals in our mother's body cross the placenta into ours. Just by living an ordinary life from that point on we're accumulating additional traces every day, and over the years it adds up to frightening levels. We breathe in toxins when we walk down the soap aisle at the grocery store and when we do our laundry with scented detergent and fabric softener. We absorb toxins from carpeting, paint, and cabinets in our homes and workplaces and from meals microwaved in plastic. In other words, just by living in this day and age, we silently and without doing anything alarming build up a toxic load. Moving through our bloodstream along with nutrients, oxygen, and other essentials that our body needs, is a host of chemicals—chemicals that were manufactured to help us live a better life, but weren't intended to be inside of us. A lab could have a field day listing all the toxins floating around in our blood and urine."