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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What contaminants will Austin Air cleaners remove from the air?
A: Austin Air cleaners deliver a complete filtration solution, removing a wide variety of particles, sub-micron particles, chemicals, gases, micro-organisms and odors. This includes such things as dust, mold, pollen, tobacco smoke, chemical vapors, gases, viruses and bacteria.

Q: How do I know Austin Air is really the best?
A: Austin Air has been tested by some of the world's most respected testing labs like
Battelle Laboratories and the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers. Extensive tests on flow rate, flow design, removal of vapors, gases and sub-micron particles have been performed on an Austin Air cleaner.

As result of this testing, Austin Air was chosen by the US Government to fulfill the largest deployment of air cleaners in American history and chosen by FEMA and The Red Cross to address the serious air quality concerns in post 9/11 New York. When clean air is critical and lives depend on it, Austin Air remains the #1 choice.

Q: What kind of filter does Austin Air use?
A: Austin Air cleaners use a 4-stage filter containing only the best proven filter mediums for cleaning the air. In every Austin Air cleaner, you will find Medical Grade HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Arrestance) and Activated Carbon addressing the most serious household airborne contaminants. Only trusted technology used in hospitals and operating rooms will be found in Austin Air Cleaners.

Q: Do Austin Air cleaners produce any dangerous by-products?
A: Unlike air cleaners that use electrostatic-precipitation or ionic generation, the Austin Air cleaners do not emit any by-products such as toxic ozone. The Austin Air cleaner produces nothing but clean air.

Q: Is it complicated to operate?
A: Austin Air cleaners are extremely easy to use. Every Austin Air cleaner features a 3-speed centrifugal fan offering a low, medium or high speed setting.

Q: How do I maintain my Austin Air cleaner?
A: The only maintenance required will be to occasionally vacuum the 4 sides of the air cleaner to remove larger dust particles. Austin Air filters are designed to last up to 5-years under normal residential use, so you won't be bothered with frequent filter replacements.

Q: How much electricity do Austin Air cleaners consume?
A: The Austin Air cleaner will cost less than a penny (0.7cents) per hour on average.
The maximum draw is 135 watts on the highest setting and uses an ordinary 120 volt outlet.

Q: How much space do Austin Air cleaners effectively clean?
A: The standard size unit will clean up to 1,500 square feet or an average size bedroom in approximately 15 – 20 minutes.

The junior size unit will clean up to 700 square feet or an average size bedroom in approximately 30 – 40 minutes.

(All estimates assume 8 ft. ceilings with the door closed).

Q: Where should I place my Austin Air cleaner for maximum effectiveness?
A: We recommend that your Austin Air cleaner be placed in your bedroom. As we sleep our body regenerates. To do this, our immune system must eliminate all the contaminants we were exposed to the previous day, while also handling the added airborne impurities in the bedroom.

By having the air cleaner in the bedroom as you sleep, you remove this extra burden on your immune system, giving your body a chance to completely repair itself. Furthermore, it just makes sense as the average person will spend up to 30% of their life in the bedroom.

Q: How should my Austin Air cleaner be positioned in a room?
A: The Austin Air cleaner should be placed at least 4 inches from the wall, allowing air to be freely drawn into all sides of the air cleaner. This will ensure maximum efficiency and performance.

Q: Can Austin Air cleaners be left on all the time?
A: Yes, Austin Air cleaners were designed and built for continuous use. In fact, Austin Air encourages customers to leave their air cleaner on at all times to achieve the healthiest living environment possible.