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Healthy Rewards

Look for Double Points Bonus opportunities on selected products!

Q How will I earn a reward?
A You will qualify for a $5 Reward Credit as soon as you acquire 200 points. Your Healthy Reward Points convert to Reward Credits at the end of each quarter. Receive 1 point for every $1 you spend on merchandise. There are opportunities to earn Double Points on selected items (excludes consultations and tax, shipping & handling charges).

Q What happens if I have more than 200 points? For instance, if I have 550 points, what will be the credit balance of rewards on my N.E.E.D.S. account?
A If you have 550 points, you will receive a product credit of $10, based on reaching the 200-point minimum twice. The remaining 150 points will be applied toward your next reward.

Q Will my accumulated points or Healthy Rewards ever expire?
A Your points will remain on your account indefinitely; however, once a Healthy Reward is issued, the $5 reward will expire one year from the date it is posted to your account.

Q Will my purchases be included toward my Healthy Rewards total?
A Yes!

Q When I return an item for credit, will the amount be deducted from my Healthy Rewards balance?
A Yes, you receive points only for those items purchased and not returned.

Q Who will be able to tell me the balance of my account or the status of my Healthy Rewards?
A Please contact a N.E.E.D.S. Customer Service Representative at 800-634-1380 with inquiries about the program or your account.

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