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E-Gems Elite 400 IU CARLSON
E-Gems Elite 400 IU

240 Soft Gels

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Chewable DHA Bursting Orange Flavor CARLSON
Chewable DHA Bursting Orange Flavor

60 Chewable Soft Gels

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Ecological Conditioner

8.4 Fluid Ounces

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Natural Vegetable Oil Soap - Cinnamon SIZE: 3.5 Ounces
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Featured Articles

I am 56 years old and have always been an avid runner and hiker, but lately have noticed that my joints are feeling more stiff and sore. Sometimes I know the pain is because I exercised too much, but sometimes I hurt for no particular reason. Is there anything natural I can take?
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Glutamine and Curcumin for Good Gut Health
Submitted by Integrative Therapeutics
Of the 20 amino acids, glutamine is the most abundant in the human body—and among the most important. Stored primarily in the muscles and the lungs, glutamine provides fuel for rapidly dividing enterocytes (the cells that line the intestine).
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The Essentials of Magnesium
Submitted by Pure Encapsulations
Magnesium in aspartate, citrate, citrate/malate, gluconate, and glycinate forms are highly bioavailable chelates, supporting the metabolism and utilization of many essential nutrients. Magnesium glycinate is least likely to cause loose stools and magnesium oxide has the strongest laxative effect.
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Dr. Sherry Rogers in review
A look back at some of the past excerpts from Dr. Rogers
In this excerpt Mold Fighting Nutrients, Choosing the Right Vitamin E, Sleep Better with Somniphan, Natural Clot Busters, Looking Beyond Thyroid Replacement Hormone
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What Do We Know About Nuts?
By Jennifer Morganti, ND, NEEDS Director of Education
Peanut butter, roasted nuts, pistachios, chocolate-covered almonds...who doesn't love nuts in one form or another? Nuts are a versatile, convenient, delicious, and easy snack. They're so tasty that we may even feel a tad guilty about eating them. But worry not! Science proves in this new meta-analysis that they are great for our health and deserve a spot in our daily diet.
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Super Foods
from Navitas Naturals
Navitas was started in 2003 by Zach Adelman, who almost a decade ago encountered the wonders of a nutritious root vegetable from the Peruvian highlands called maca. He began importing organic maca root powder as Navitas Naturals' original product.
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