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Featured Articles

Nitric Oxide: Reaching Beyond Arginine for Cardiovascular and Muscle Support
By Kelly C. Heim, Ph.D.
It is easy to envision the heart in motion, as the muscular "pump" that sustains life. It is also easy to overlook the fact that arteries, which are also muscular, are in motion too. While the heart beats, the arteries must dilate to enable blood to travel through. This functional capacity of arteries is one of the most important determinants of heart health.
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MCTs Put Sublime in the Coconut
By Dean G. Morris, Master Herbalist
Did you know that 60% of the weight of a coconut is oil? This great energy source is used by the coconut to grow into one of the tallest trees in tropic and semi-tropic regions. This rich oil amazingly travels through the tree to reach and be stored in the coconut seed at the top. The reason it's able to climb the tree is due to the relative water solubility of the abundant medium chain triglycerides in coconut oil.
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Coconut Oil for Heart Health
Medium-chain saturates are found in several foods, but the highest content is found in coconut oil; they are not associated with increased cholesterol levels or the occurrence of heart disease (which was at one time thought to be the case). Researchers have found that the lack of essential fats in the diet is actually the cause of heart disease. More recently, subject groups studied in the South Pacific for their regular use of coconut oil in the diet exhibited low incidences of coronary artery disease and low serum cholesterol levels.
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Why Drink Coconut Water?
By Shannon Morehouse MA,CHHC
As a marathon runner and a triathlete, I rely heavily on nutrients that can keep me healthy every day and assure me that my workouts and races are successful.
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Ask the Wellness Educator
Dear Dr. Jen, I have suffered for years with Restless Legs Syndrome and am in desperate need of help. I am wondering if you have any nutritional supplement recommendations for this condition.
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Recommended by Sherry Rogers From Dr. Rogers' November 2014 Total Wellness Newsletter
"If a test confirms low thyroid, what's wrong with treating a low thyroid with thyroid hormone?'s a travesty to give thyroid hormone without first doing the assays we described in How to Cure Diabetes
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Jumpstart Your New Year with the Daily Detox Drink
If you are among the many who have vowed to start off 2015 on a healthy note, you may want to kickstart it with a detoxification program. You can customize your detox to what fits in your lifestyle, but the general parameters should be that you commit to eating healthy foods (vegetables, fruit, whole grains, vegetable protein) and eliminate toxins (including alcohol, smoking, food additives) for a week or so. You also want to take nutrients that support your liver, which has the role of making enzymes that break down toxins and send them out the door.
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