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Featured Articles

Why Whey?
By Jennifer Morganti, ND, NEEDS Director of Education
The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) estimate that almost 10 percent of the U.S. population has Type-2 diabetes, and over one third of U.S. cases go undiagnosed. Diabetes is the seventh-leading cause of death and because of a large aging population, statistics are expected to continue to increase steadily.
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Is This Toxin in Your Home?
Dr. Jen Morganti, NEEDS Education DIrector
Are flame retardants, used on furniture, building materials, and even childrens' clothes, really in the best interest for public safety? Most people probably believe they are, since they are designed to lessen the flammability of household items in order to slow the spread of a fire.
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The Role of Vitamin E in Wound Healing and Scarring
Submitted by AC Grace
Surgery, cosmetic procedures, and injuries create trauma or damage to the skin. The proper healing of the resulting wound is critical to the final appearance and the degree of scarring. Wound healing proceeds in three phases:
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Recommended by Dr. Sherry Rogers From Dr. Rogers' April 2016 Total Wellness Newsletter
In this excerpt, learn about:All The Nutrients You Need: How to Get Organized and How to Take Them, Fighting Clostridium Difficile and Proton Pump Inhibitors, Warning on Blood Thinners
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Premier Research Labs The world Leader in Cellular Resonant Technology
Premier Research Labs (PRL) ensures high-quality products by conducting detailed laboratory testing of its incoming containers of raw material as well as finished products.
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