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A Safe and Effective Enzyme to Balance the Clotting System
By Dr. Gina Cushman, NMD, PhD
Most people know that the leading cause of death in the developed world is coronary artery disease, usually caused by atherosclerosis and narrowing of the arteries, but what many don't know is that women taking "the pill" run an even higher cardiac risk. Women on birth control patches or injections, and those on hormone replacement therapy (HRT) run the same higher risk. All these prescriptions include hormones, which have a tendency to make blood less fluid and more likely to clot. Studies prove this increases the odds of a clot-related stroke, heart attack, embolism, or other serious cardiac event. And this risk is higher for women on the pill who are over 35 and smoke. Any hormone-containing therapy can raise cholesterol, triglycerides, and blood pressure. And surgery poses a special risk for those on the pill.
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Secrets for Staying Healthy this Season
No one wants to suffer through the holidays with a cough and sniffles, yet November is one of the months when that risk is highest. There are some simple things that have been proven to be effective for reducing your chances of catching an unwanted bug, and it just takes a bit of time and attention!
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Finding Balance with Fats in Foods
By Jolie Root
What was the greatest dietary mistake of the 20th century? Eating too much saturated fat? Too many eggs? Too much meat? No, the biggest problem in the modern-day diet is a massive imbalance of omega-3 and omega-6 consumption. Today, people are eating way too many omega-6 fatty acids, mostly from corn and soybeans, used to make the dominant oils in the Western diet. Coincidentally, consumption of animal foods high in omega-3 is the lowest it has ever been.
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Recommended by Sherry Rogers From Dr. Rogers' September 2014 Total Wellness Newsletter
Just a Few of the Many Reasons to Use Vielight, Considering Alternatives to Antibiotics
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What is Intranasal Light Therapy
Submitted by Vielight, Inc
Intranasal Light Therapy (or intranasal photobiomodulation) is a way to introduce the therapeutic effects of light into the body through the nasal channel. The process is engineered to enable the effect to reach the brain and the body through a complex signaling system that exists in the internal systems. Scientific research has demonstrated that photobiomodulation of various forms stimulate cells to achieve homeostasis.
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