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Finding Balance with Fats in Foods

Finding Balance with Fats in Foods with Jolie Root

Wednesday November 5 6PM EST

What foods should I incorporate in my diet to boost omega-3 levels? What oils should I cook with? Where do I find recipes to help boost omega-3 levels? This is your chance to ask nutritionist Jolie Root all of your burning questions! This month’s teleseminar offers practical tips on how to balance omega-3 and omega-6 levels. It will be very interactive, so be ready to ask your questions!

Call 800.634.1380 to register for this free teleseminar, or register here.

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Featured Articles

The Follies of Folate: What You Really Needs to Know in a Nutshell
By Dr. Jen Morganti, NEEDS Education Director
Folate deficiency can also be related to cardiovascular disease because it is indirectly related to homocysteine metabolism through the biochemical reaction known as methylation. Low levels of folic acid (as well as Vitamin B6 and Vitamin B12) can lead to elevated homocysteine, which is a known risk factor for developing atherosclerosis or having a heart attack or stroke. It is also critical for proper DNA synthesis, which helps prevent damaged cells and serious disease. Folate deficiency can cause birth defects in pregnancy, depression, macular degeneration, accelerated aging, and other serious conditions.
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Supporting Three Key Aspects of Men's Sexual Health
By Corey B. Schuler, MS, DC, CNS
Arginine is a semi-essential amino acid involved in many biochemical pathways in the human body. It is involved in immune function, ammonia metabolism, and the secretion of hormones. Arginine is used to make nitric oxide (NO) in the body, a molecule that works on blood flow in the cardiovascular system by controlling the relaxation of blood vessels. That's not all arginine can do; this amino acid is needed to support numerous bodily functions beyond blood flow.*
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Ask the Wellness Educator
Supplements for People with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity
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Recommended by Sherry Rogers From Dr. Rogers' August 2014 Total Wellness Newsletter
Healing Your Joints, Alternatives for H. Pylori
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How to Improve Heart Function with One Simple Nutrient
By Dr. Jen Morganti, NEEDS Education Director
Heart failure is a disease that becomes more prevalent with age. In this condition, the muscles of the heart are compromised and less able to contract and push blood out into the body. Drugs such as betablockers, ACE inhibitors, digoxin, and calcium channel blockers are typically prescribed to treat heart failure and improve ejection fracture. Lifestyle improvements and weight loss are also recommended.
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