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From Dr. Rogers' April 2020 Total Wellness Newsletter (TW)

Never Ignore These First Signs of Early Kidney Death
Meanwhile, one of the first danger signs of renal failure is the presence of albumin or lost protein, measured in a simple urinalysis test. But this albuminuria has been cured in some patients with mere vitamin B1 as you saw in How To Cure Diabetes. And in others, it has been cured with vitamin A, or with cod liver oil, PC Powder, etc. All the things you've been learning about these last decades in TW and the books.

So why isn't a simple vitamin A even measured (you can order your own beta-carotene and vitamin A levels from lots of labs on the Internet)? And most importantly why isn't it prescribed and given? The reason is practice guidelines are made by physicians who are not schooled in the molecular biochemistry of God's healing. And much worse is the fact that their research in the medical schools is funded by the pharmaceutical industry. "Authorities" who make the practice guidelines are selfappointed yet their life's work depends on discovering new drugs for the pharmaceutical industry. Therefore, it's not a surprise that all the practice guidelines come out looking like every disease is the deficiency of the latest and greatest drug.

So you can see why I became almost ballistic when I was learning how potent simple vitamin A is in reversing seriously life-threatening kidney disease. In fact, it's absolutely necessary. And it even stops the kidney damage from some forms of chemotherapy. Zinc, Grape Seed Extract, Collagen II, and L-Glutamine are items that you have learned about here that are also needed to turn off auto-immune disease and allergies. Vitamin A is added to that list. I prefer you get it from the food source protocols in Wellness Against All Odds and The Macro Trilogy. And if you think what you've learned in this article only refers to diabetics who need dialysis, you've really missed the boat. It's crucial for all of us.

How to Reverse Knee Arthritis
Can you believe it? This is the first article in JAMA I can recall in years that was actually positive for any non-Rx item. Osteoarthritis is among the most prevalent chronic diseases leading to disability. And the knee is a primary joint to make a dramatic change in the lives of millions of folks. NSAIDs are the most widely used medications available with and without prescription and are recommended by the guidelines. But they are recommended for short-term or intermittent use because of all their side effects. Whereas glucosamine was consistently associated with gradual reduction in pain and improvement in physical function, and with no side effects.

And they showed that the popular hyaluronic acid and cortisone injections provide no long-term pain improvement. And don't forget that the steroid injections accelerate deterioration of the joint, necessitating joint replacements, while giving mere transient relief for a few weeks. And remember acetaminophen or Tylenol, which folks use to avoid the gastric upset of NSAIDs, is used by researchers to create cataracts and other maladies in lab rats.

This JAMA paper actually recommended the prescription grade glucosamine sulfate and/or chondritin to be used as a first step in long-term management of knee osteoarthritis.

How to Avoid Dialysis for Renal Failure
Carrot juice, which is rich in beta-carotene is then converted to vitamin A, but only if you have enough zinc in the enzyme that does the conversion work (TW 2015-19). Yet when was the last time you ever saw any physician check your RBC zinc? You recall how important vitamin A as well as zinc are for healing the leaky gut, and for healing what we call the gap junction proteins, the spaces between cells that keep the gut from leaking. This area is hugely important since it is also the communication line for every cell to all the rest of the body!

So as a quick summary from previous TW, one molecule of beta-carotene can be metabolized into 2 molecules of vitamin A. But this only happens if you have enough Chelated Zinc in the enzyme that does this. And why is all of this important? Because vitamin A is extremely important in turning off diabetic kidney disease which affects over a third of diabetics. And not only is dialysis extremely expensive and cumbersome, but it destroys your life and your longevity.

Yet a simple dose of vitamin A (along with your other many missing nutrients assayed and interpreted expertly) can turn off the inflammatory cancer cytokines made in the body (NFkB, interleukins and tumor necrosis factor). Vitamin A can turn off the unwanted clotting mechanisms (adhesion molecules and selectins), and so much more (Sorry, I just couldn't control the little biochemical gremlin inside of me which jumped out with more evidence). But always recall the THINK acronym when you are stuck, for T=toxins. And top of the list of the 7-M toxins are medications like statins, Nexium, as well as the phthalates (in meds) that all decrease your vitamin A.