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Frequently asked questions:

How loud is the Aireox Air Purifier? The engineers at Aireox Research designed each and every air purifier to have a very low noise factor. They were so successful with the design that it can even be used in the bedroom. Many say this is one of the best designs; quiet enough for bedroom use.

What if I do not want fiberglass in my filter? Most air purifiers use a glass type product in their particle filters, because all other fibers will tend to swell up or matte down destroying the fiber's ability to pass air and trap particles. The glass products are safe enough when installed with the proper coverings. However, more and more consumers are asking for a glass-free product, which Aireox has and has tested for the last seven years. Space age materials and technology have now provided a high efficiency fabric for air purification.

How long does the Air Purifier last and how often do I have to change the filter? Aireox Air Purifiers were designed with high quality and reliability in mind. They are user-friendly and designed to last a life time. You should only have to change the filter once a year (under normal conditions) but it is recommended that the filter be changed every six months to allow proper air flow and filtration. Call the Customer Service Department for details on how to change the filter or send it back to us and we will change it free of charge. All you have to do is purchase the new filter.

What if I am Chemically Sensitive? The medical problem known as Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) is an affliction which causes a person to react to almost all industrial products, carpets, drapes, wood cabinets, cars, etc. Aireox has worked with MCS patients since almost the beginning of the company's founding with great success. Their products are specially designed for chemically sensitive people. Aireox does not use sealants in their products, and also uses special zero-outgassing cords and long-lasting zero-outgassing paint.

Why use a sealed motor? First, all electric motors require some form of lubrication, usually oil. Sealed motors, motors that do not require exposure to the air for cooling, keep any oil or lubricant vapors from being discharged into the environment. Second, non-sealed motors require exposure to the "filtered" air flow to cool their moving parts. Not only does this form of cooling out-gas the lubricants, it also dries out the bearing surfaces. In return, this shortens the life expectancy of the motor. External motors also run hot and can be a danger to children. Aireox motors are sealed so they are cool to the touch, therefore, safer for children. Aireox motors also have twice the normal life expectancy of non-sealed motors, and there is no out-gas making them an appropriate choice for people who with MCS.