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Airpura: A Green Company

Conscious of its role as an environmental company, Airpura Industries is determined to operate in the greenest way possible while manufacturing an excellent product that improves the living environment of our clients.

The objectives are to

  • Reduce waste and carbon emissions
  • Recycle materials used in manufacturing and facilitate the recycling of Airpura products at the end of their useful life
  • Reuse wherever possible

Carbon emissions
Carbon emissions is one of the most pressing and dangerous environmental issues of our time. Airpura is determined to contribute to the reduction of carbon emissions while manufacturing a modern efficient air purifier that will bring the health benefits of clean air

  • Airpura situated its manufacturing plant in an area where electric power is generated by hydropower that is completely carbon-emission free.

  • To reduce carbon emissions from road transport, Airpura has instituted a program of consolidated shipments to be sure that any trucks moving their products are running as full as possible. Through diligence, determination, and some extra effort, their shipping department has succeeded in reducing traffic without any delays in order shipments.

  • For smaller local shipments, Airpura uses a minivan with lower fuel consumption than a regular truck and they are shopping for a viable alternate fuel vehicle to further reduce carbon emissions.

  • Incoming shipments, whether components or for customer service are consolidated at our receiving hub to reduce traffic.

  • Airpura has instituted a program to encourage employees to travel to the plant by the most environmentally friendly and healthy means.
    • 30% of the cost of transit passes is paid by the company.
    • The purchase of a bicycle is subsidized for employees who wish to ride from home or the subway station (a healthy 10 minute ride from the plant).
    • Carpooling is encouraged by offering a $10 weekly bonus to employees willing to share transport rather than drive in alone.

  • Airpura is negotiating to sponsor a tree planting initiative with local schools to create some carbon offset.
Waste Reduction
Airpura strives to break away from the cycle of over using natural resources and then harming the environment with the resulting unnecessary waste.

  • All boxes used by Airpura are made of recycled cardboard.

  • Any paper products that cannot be reused (for packaging fill for example) are recycled (a premium service for which local authorities charge extra).

  • Although hardcopy forms and documents will always be available for the convenience of our clients, Airpura actively encourages the use of paperless documentation for communication with all our distribution partners as well as administration, banking, and government correspondence.