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Wool Dryer Balls Natural Fabric Softener Enlarge Image Email to a Friend Woolzies
Wool Dryer Balls Natural Fabric Softener
ITEM NUMBER:    WOZ-5000-003
SIZE:    3 Each
MSRP: $17.69
Your Price:

Product Description: 3 XL Dryer Balls.
Handmade in Nepal from fine New Zealand Wool.

We're all looking for ways to protect our families and out environment from toxins and harsh chemicals. Woolzies takes care of both at once: our 100% natural dryer balls do a better job softening your laundry than commercial dryer sheets or softeners - without all the chemicals. Add our hand-made dryer balls to every load and see how soft, fluffy and fresh your clothes can be - for a fraction of the price.

* Reduces drying time by 25%
* Helps reduce wrinkles
* Safe for people with wool sensitivities
* Lasts for 1,000 loads

Packaging: Paperboard
Ingredients: Handmade in Nepal from the finest New Zealand Wool.
Suggested Use: Simply toss all 3 balls into your dryer with a small load of clothes and press start. Use them again and again - they last for 1,000 loads! You can remove the "pilling" on the surface that naturally occurs over time (Although you don't have to: the little pills actually aid in softening).

To clean your dryer balls, place each ball in a thin sock and add a hot wash cycle with detergent. Remove the ball from the sock and dry on the highest heat setting.