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The Seven Secrets of Learning Revealed by Laurence Martel, Ph.D. Enlarge Image Email to a Friend The Seven Secrets of Learning Revealed by Laurence Martel, Ph.D.
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Product Description: Finally, a book that teaches people how to unleash the power of the mind for greater creativity, higher productivity, and increased learning potential. The Seven Secrets of Learning Revealed is an important addition to the literary world, as it presents a systematic approach to learning that puts the various learning theories together into one volume with practical applications. What makes The Seven Secrets of Learning unique is the holistic approach it takes to intelligence and learning. While other books focus on only one theory or one or two intelligences, The Seven Secrets of Learning proves that learning is so much more than what the brain can retain. Through research, case studies, and his own experiences, Dr. Martel proved that learning is a whole body function and that environment plays a major role in the learning process. He debunked the myth that learning is only a brain function, as well as the myth that visual and auditory are the preferred learning styles.

But rather than just dwell on research or theories, Dr. Martel takes readers a step further by giving practical applications for each section’s content. Through action items, quizzes, and games, Dr. Martel artfully made this book an extension of his message, presenting his information in a variety of formats to appeal to all people, regardless of their preferred learning style. Most important, The Seven Secrets of Learning teaches people how to develop a comfort zone of learning so that learning can once again be fun. The book teaches children as well as adults how to regain that spark of curiosity and creativity, which will ultimately lead to better results at work, at home, and at school.

The Seven Secrets of Learning builds on the successful theories of the past to present the marketplace with the most updated information on learning and intelligence. It then applies this information to today’s 21st century audience. Dr. Martel’s information takes parenting, leadership and the educational system to the next level in an attempt to better our communities and our world.

Pages: 334
Cover: Soft
Publisher: Cameo Publications, LLC
Date Published: 2003
Table of Contents: Foreword: 27
Introduction: 29
Learning is a Miracle: 39
Your Unique "Learning Style!": 57
Your Brain and You: 77
Your Heart Communicates: 115
Power Up!: 141
Environmental Hazards: 197
Building a Learning Community: 249
Conclusion: 291
Bibliography: 297
Appendix: 307
A: Case Studies of Research & Comments About IntelliLearn: 309
B: Products, Workshops & Service: 315
C: An Example Prototype: 319
D: A Partial List of IntelliLearn Customers: 327
E: Resource Guide: 333

About the Author: As a former University researcher, College Trustee, State Commissioner and consultant to governments, corporations, families and individuals, Dr. Laurence D. Martel was acknowledged as one of the world’s leading experts in the application of the new science of learning. Award winning research and supportive learning products and training seminars are the wellspring of this comprehensive, systematic approach to learning, growth and development. Before his passing in January 2007, Dr. Martel was an international keynote speaker and author.