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The Diet Cure by Julia Ross, M.A.                                                                                                                     Enlarge Image Email to a Friend The Diet Cure by Julia Ross, M.A.
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Product Description: Julia Ross, a pioneer in the field of nutritional psychology, shatters the myths to reveal the real causes of overeating and weight gain - including depleted brain chemistry caused by too much dieting and inadequate protein, unstable blood sugar, low thyroid function, hormonal irregularities, food addictions, and a deficiency of 'good fats'. In this individualized program that begins with an 8-Step Quick Symptom Questionnaire, you'll discover your unique body-chemistry imbalances, and you'll learn how to eliminate them with your own targeted nutritional strategies. Using amino acids to jump-start the program, you'll feel your mood improve and your food cravings disappear within twenty-four hours. Filled with charts, worksheets, meal ideas, recipes, and tailor-made plans for nutritional supplementation, The Diet Cure will help you rebalance your body chemistry and attain your ideal healthy weight for good.
"An amazing book, filled with wisdom, experience, and practical advice." - Daniel G. Amen, M.D., author of Change Your Brain, Change Your Life.

Pages: 402
Cover: Soft
Publisher: Viking Penguin
Date Published: 1999
Table of Contents: Foreword by Richard Shames, M.D.: vii
Acknowledgments: xiii
Preface to the Penguin Edition: xvii
Introduction: 8 Steps to The Diet Cure: xix
The Quick Symptom Questionnaire: xxv
Part I: Identifying the Eight Imbalances: 1
One: Depleted Brain Chemistry: The Real Story Behind "Emotional Eating": 3
Two: Malnutrition Due to Low-Calorie Dieting: The Number One Cause of Overeating, Weight Gain, Bulimia, and Anorexia: 16
Three: Unstable Blood Sugar: Carbohydrate Addiction, Hypoglycemia, Diabetes, and Adrenal Exhaustion: 39
Four: Unrecognized Low Thyroid Function: Tired, Cold and Overweight: 52
Five: Food Addictions and Allergic Reactions: The Three Culprits: 66
Six: Hormonal Havoc: PMS, Menopause, and the Food-Mood Connection: 79
Seven: Yeast Overgrowth: A Hidden Cause of Food Cravings: 92
Eight: Fatty Acid Deficiency: Why You Can't Stop Eating Chips, Cheese and Fries: 102
Part II: Correcting Your Imbalances: 115
Nine: Refueling Your Brain Chemistry with Amino Acids: 117
Ten: Nutritional Rehab for the Ex-Dieter: 131
Eleven: Balancing Your Blood Sugar: 147
Twelve: Thyroid Solutions: 168
Thirteen: Overcoming Addictions to Allergy Foods: 184
Fourteen: Hormone Help: 200
Fifteen: Repairing the Damage Caused by Yeasts: 220
Sixteen: The Fatty Acid Fix: 230
Part III: Your Master Plan for the Diet Cure: 237
Seventeen: Your Master Nutritional Supplement Plan: 239
Eighteen: The Best Foods for Your Special Biochemistry: Your Master Eating Plan: 255
Nineteen: Shopping for Your Master Plan Supplies and Planning Your Meals: 279
Twenty: Menus, Meal Ideas, and Recipes: 302
Twenty-One: Essential Support: Exercise, Relaxation, Counseling, and Health Care Resources: 335
Twenty-Two: Your Master Plan in Action: The Diet Cure from Day One to Week Twelve: 353
Appendix: A Follow-Up of Six Recovery Systems Clients: 370
Notes: 377
Index: 383

About the Author: Julia Ross, who has a master's degree in clinical psychology, is the executive director of Recovery Systems, a California clinic that treats eating and weight disorders with nutrient therapy and biochemical rebalancing, along with counseling and education. A pioneer in the field of nutritional psychology, her work has been featured on many radio and television programs including Leeza and The 700 Club, and in Natural Health, Delicious and other magazines. The author of The Mood Cure, she lives in Marin County, California.