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Travelers Press
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Product Description: Double walled tea press keeps beverages warm for up to 2 hours. Spill resistant. Steep & drink on the go.
Specifications: How to use:
* Grasp the Travel Press tightly and turn the lip counter-clockwise to open.
* Place on teaspoon of Full-Leaf Loose Tea or Herbs in the press per 6 oz water.
* Slowly pour the hot water over the tea to one inch from the top of the press. For green and white tea, use water just short of boiling. All other teas should be steeped using water that is boiling. ,br> * Snap the spout closed. Secure the lid by turning clockwise. Make sure the lid is tight.
* Let the tea steep. Black Tea (3-5 min), Green Tea (2-4 min), White Tea (2.3 min), Herbal and Red Tea (5-7 min), Oolong Tea (5-7 min). Experiment to find your favorite steeping time.
* Hold the Travel Press firmly and carefully. Slowly depress the plunder, making sure it snaps when fully depressed. Do not use excessive force.
* When tea is steeped, enjoy drinking tea from the Travel Press or pour into a mug. Enjoy Sip by Sip.
* Always clean the Travel Press after each use. The filter can be unscrewed for cleaning. All parts are dishwasher safe, top rack only. Hand wash for best results.

Filter Media: BPA free plastic.
Warnings: * Freshly steeped tea is very hot, handle with care.
* Do not use the Citizen's Travel Press if it is damaged or cracked.
* When filled, do not carry your Citizen's Travel Press unless the spout is closed and the plunger is snapped down into place.
* Do not place the Citizen's Travel Press on any heating element or in a microwave.
* Do not overfill the Citizen's Travel Press.
* Keep all hot liquids away from small children.
* The Citizen's Travel Press is not for commercial use.

Additional Info: Hand wash recommended.