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Omega-3's from Carlson

Fish oil is immensely beneficial for the entire family for a variety of reasons as it is very well known, researched, and documented for the whole body. The rate of positive findings in human trials has been consistently high when looking at research from 2007 to the present day, and there are now over 30,000 clinical trials supporting the evidence of omega-3s and their tremendous health benefits!

The omega-3 fatty acids, EPA and DHA, have been seen to promote healthy cardiovascular, brain, nerve, vision, joint, skin, and immune function. EPA specifically has shown positive effects on heart disease, high triglycerides, high blood pressure, and systemic inflammation whereas DHA is predominately a structural component of the eyes, brain, and nervous system. Both EPA and DHA have been found to aid in promoting healthy moods, as well, as support learning, and memory. In children, omega-3s have been seen to promote brain development, impact behavior and learning abilities, support comprehension, vocabulary, spelling, and reading skills.

There is now a measurement tool by OmegaQuant that has been utilized in research to determine EPA and DHA levels and health impacts, and it's called the Omega-3 Index. The Omega-3 Index is a measurement of the percentage of EPA and DHA in our red blood cell membranes, and an Omega-3 Index score in the range of 8 to 12% is an indicator of overall wellness for adults. To better achieve the 8-12% level, Carlson Labs offers some excellent options in either liquid or soft gels. Carlson's Very Finest Fish Oil yields 1,600mg of omega-3s per teaspoon, and it comes in a delicious lemon, orange, or NEW mixed berry flavor. Carlson's Cod Liver Oil in lemon or NEW green apple yields 1,100 mg of omega-3s fatty acids, 850 IU of vitamin A, and 400IU of vitamin D in 1 teaspoon. I'd recommend 2 teaspoons of either the VFFO or Cod Liver Oil to better achieve the 8-12% blood level recommendation. If you prefer a soft gel, you can take 2-3 of Elite Omega 3 Gems with a meal as one soft gel yields 800mg of omega-3s. Maximum Omega 2000, which is Carlson's highest potency soft gel, yields 2,000 mg of omega-3s in 2 soft gels and that would be all you would need to take of those. To best know your Omega-3 Index levels you can easily check them with an at-home Carlson Omega-3 Index Test kit.

As for children, they have seen that a 6% omega-3 index blood level is where kids should ideally be. Unfortunately, many children's diets in America today lack the foods that contain omega-3s, and making sure our kids take in enough daily omega- 3s and the necessary DHA for brain development can be a challenge through foods alone. This is where supplementation comes in, but most adults and kids aren't too crazy at the thought of taking a fish oil or cod liver oil right off the spoon even when they are as tasty as the delicious flavors that we have at Carlson Labs. So, adding in a high-quality fish oil to a meal or snack would be a great way to ensure both you and your children are getting enough of the daily requirements of omega-3s.

Simply drizzling it into or over some favorite meals or snacks are great options! Pouring some of the lemon-flavored cod or fish oil over top of already popped popcorn, over pizza, into hummus, guacamole, or salad dressings are all delicious possibilities. If none of these are staples in your or your child's diet, the orange, apple, or berry flavored oils can easily be added to juice, yogurt, or smoothies. There are so many ways to add omega-3s to foods or beverages, and you can find more recipes on our website www. Each ½ teaspoon dose of Carlson for Kid's Very Finest Fish Oil provides 800 mg of omega-3's (yielding 400 EPA/250 DHA) in a natural lemon, orange flavor, and NEW mixed berry flavor, and each ½ teaspoon dose of Carlson for Kid's Cod Liver Oil provides 550 mg of omega-3's (yielding 200 EPA/250 DHA), 425 IU of Vitamin A, and 200 IU of Vitamin D3 in a delicious lemon, bubble gum flavor, or NEW green apple flavor.

Getting in your omega-3s has never been easier nor more delicious, and you can be assured you are making the right choice using Carlson Labs fish oil as we pride ourselves on superior purity, potency, and freshness. We source the highest quality, deep, cold-water fish using traditional, sustainable methods. To insure this, all Carlson suppliers hold the Friend of the Sea Certificate, and we utilize The International Fish Oil Standards program which is the only third-party testing and certification program exclusively for fish oil supplements. Our liquid fish oils also consistently received the Superior Taste Award from the Institute of Taste and Quality in Brussels. We recently teamed up with the IGEN program (International GMO Evaluation and Notification) which is a certification program that tests for the presence of GMOs. Carlson is also committed to the environment as much as we are to the high quality of our products; therefore, we joined Impact Collective in 2021. Together with IC, we've started our plastic neutral journey by offsetting the plastic in our omega-3 and children's products through investments in certified plastic removal projects taking place in our global waterways.

We at Carlson are strongly committed to support the health and wellbeing of people as well as our planet through offering high quality, sustainable, and low environmental impact fish oils. Omega-3s have been shown to support our health from our head down to our toes, and Carlson's tasty fish oils are the answers to fill in those gaps where diets lack.

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