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From Dr. Rogers' June 2020 Total Wellness Newsletter (TW)

First Steps to Prepare Yourself for the Second Wave
"How you prepare for the second wave depends on many factors. You have to remember that we are addressing a wide range of people... They can begin detoxification with first the sauna and protocols in Detoxify Or Die. Then graduate to the Detoxamin suppositories (1500 mg with GSH) as described in The High Blood Pressure Hoax. I think these are many times less expensive, plus far safer, yet as effective as IV chelation. For as opposed to the IVs that can load you with phthalates, Detoxamin does not cause this problem. Never lose sight of the basics, that all disease has only two causes; the nutrient levels go down and the toxicity levels go up. You can enormously make yourself more virus-proof by flipping this around, to bring yourself to a new level of health. For some of us became healthier than ever before.

Obviously, I won't be able to cover all of these steps in this month's issue, so more will continue in the next month. In fact, I will keep plowing through until you get the total picture. For the above step (2) you have more detail (doses, manufacturers, websites, 800 numbers) in May TW on how you must first repair the cell membrane in order to make it more virus-resistant. That membrane repair begins with Cod Liver Oil in glass, phosphatidylcholine powder (PC Powder) and the 8 forms of E (alpha, beta, delta, and delta tocopherols and tocotrienols), as well as phosphatidylserine (PS-100), Chelated Zinc, D3 10,000 IU, Chelated Magnesium, or Natural Calm (or any combination, depending on bowel needs, etc.), Detox Cocktail, and more."

The Role of Vitamin D3 in Virus Defense
"ACE2 receptors are needed for dilating blood vessels for providing more oxygen and nutrients to tissues. Beyond just repair of the cell membrane that we started with, you also need to make sure you have great levels of vitamin D3. For D3 is the vitamin that closes the ACE gateways. In fact anyone with high blood pressure, lung disease like pulmonary fibrosis or pulmonary arterial hypertension as well as kidney disease, A-fib, diabetes, recurrent infections, depression, cancer, etc. (all signifying damage to the RAS or renin angiotensin system, as well as other systems) should be checked for 1,25 dihydroxy vitamin D3 deficiency (a level >80 ng/mL, not the antiquated 30 on lab reports). Not being checked for vitamin D3 is being grossly cheated out of health, and is a sign of a doc who is ignorant about healing.

Make absolutely sure your level of 1, 25-dihydroxy Vitamin D3 is 80-100 ng/ mL. You can learn how to order your own on the Internet. I have found in assaying the levels in many of our readers over the last 25 years that 10,000 D3, Monday through Friday, is enough to bring most people up to therapeutic levels. If they still have unrepaired gut damage, in that case they may need it every day. For remember an unrepaired gut not only inhibits the absorption of vitamin D but then the leakiness allows bacterial bugs to damage the lungs as well as increase the ACE2 receptors (triples bait!)."

Zinc is Like Birth Control for the Virus

"Recall 2019 TW where I gave an example of merely half-dozen zinc enzymes out of over 200. For these were a perfect example of how just being low in merely one nutrient can create any and every disease. And most people are low in multiple nutrients. That's why many folks will never have a hope of getting well until someone assays them.

You have seen how the virus gets into the body through the extra ACE2 receptors. But once it gets in, its work is not done. The virus has to multiply and make new baby viruses which then go out and infect a multitude of other cells, exponentially. So, wouldn't it be great if there was a sort of birth control for the virus? There is. It's called the simple mineral zinc.

And it has been known for decades that zinc has strong antiviral properties, one of which is it stops the replication. In other words, zinc is sort of like birth control for the virus. A simple solution could be to use the doses for Chelated Zinc, Chelated Selenium, Lithium Orotate, and Natural Calm daily and use the Chelated Manganese, Moly B, Chelated Copper, and Chromium/Vanadium all only three times a week (those directions are in How To Cure Diabetes, plus instructions in how to organize your nutrients in past years of TW). But remember to always make sure that the bright blue copper is only taken with a full stomach of food."

So How Do We Protect the Brain Against MSG Brain Damage?
"Although protection against MSG's brain damage requires the orchestration of a multitude of nutrients, there's one nutrient that stands out in protecting the brain's calcium channels against glutamate damage that leads to slow braincell death. And it especially protects the brain in the area that is responsible for recent and daily memory, the hippocampus. So what nutrient is this? It is the simple amino acid taurine. Some of you may already be using Taurine Powder 500-1,000 mg as outlined in 2011-15 TW as part of your five powders to repair the damage to your heart after a heart attack or stent. But if not, make sure you include Glycine Powder along with your taurine to augment its performance. Start with 500-1,000 mg each daily."

Build a Cell-Membrane Sandwich
"Plus, don't forget that you can have the best oil in the world, but if you don't have the "bread" of the cell membrane sandwich, namely PC Powder, plus ALC Powder to move the fatty acids into the cell membrane, plus the eight forms of protective vitamin E (2014-15), then taking anything, regardless of how good it is, becomes futile. As for the reports where cardiologists like to tell you of patients who died when they went off Plavix, remember these are folks guided by the same cardiologist who recommended no healing diets, no detoxification, and no nutrient repairs. And recall if you want to test his knowledge (his ability to help you heal), just casually ask what he uses tocotrienols for. Recall tocotrienols are safer than statins and naturally lower cholesterol without poisoning the gene or creating Alzheimer's Disease. Use two, twice daily."