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From Dr. Rogers' May 2020 Total Wellness Newsletter (TW)

Nutrients in commercial foods are continually dropping
Even 2 decades ago, studies showed that over the last 40 years there has been more than a 20% drop in calcium, magnesium, iron and other nutrients in foods. This is due to the fake fertilizers, toxic weedkillers, recycled human sewage used as cheap fertilizers also containing heavy metals and Rx drug residues, processing, GMOs, radiation, inferior storage and shipping, and more. The time, energy, and money spent seeking out more organic and local foods pays for the time, money, and longevity you would have lost in physicians' waiting rooms. But added to our unprecedented chemical exposures, this explains why some will never be well until they stop working blindly and assay where they are now. You can't repair deficiencies, leaky gut, warning crystal ball tests, deficiencies, and toxicities that you don't know are there (much more information in TW 2015-20,

American medicine specialists work blindly
Obviously, the best remedy would be for each person to know their own biochemical deficiencies. For we don't all just look different, we are different biochemically. As one example, if you have 100 people with atrial fibrillation, one is cured with magnesium, another with selenium, another with Phosphatidyl Choline Powder or the membrane repair, or another with gut repair or detox, etc. (for details start with The High Blood Pressure Hoax then go to Is Your Cardiologist Killing You?). But unfortunately, medicine wants to treat A-fib first with a beta blocker, then a calcium channel blocker, and then another anti-arrhythmia drug before jumping in to destroy the heart's nerve connections, called an ablation. But this is merely hiring your doctor to give you a heart attack. These cardiovascular ablation "specialists" are called electrophysiologists.

Medicines that make you Corona bait
If you have had a heart attack, high blood pressure or cardiac arrhythmia, most likely you're already on one of these. This makes you absolute Corona bait. You have so many ACE2 receptors that the only thing a physician who knows nothing about the molecular biochemistry of healing can do is poison those extra receptors. Will these medications make you more virus resistant? Absolutely not, for the many reasons that we have detailed in previous TW. First of all, all medications steal detoxification nutrients from your body that you could have used to fight off the virus. What should you do? Start with The High Blood Pressure Hoax and Is Your Cardiologist Killing You?, and learn how to get off these and cure your condition.

If that doesn't motivate you, at least realize that being on an ACE inhibitor or ARB also increases your vulnerability for Alzheimer's. It does so by robbing your brain of other chemistries that are needed to degrade or get rid of the Alzheimer's protein, amyloid. You recall amyloid is a special protein that acts like a glue in your brain. It literally clogs and glues down brain nerves, bringing the creation of new memory to a halt. That's why it's a mistake to think that people who can remember things from the past don't have Alzheimer's. They merely had good chemistry back then to make those memories. It's the new memories they can't make.

America needs an oil change
For starters, most folks have cell membranes that are literally starving for the right fatty acids and choked with the wrong ones. And these membrane fatty acids are key elements for producing not just the electricity of the body that we call "life". The appropriate balance of the 34 membrane fatty acids determines the number of ACE2 gates on our cells. Clearly, in order to close the virus gates you must repair the cell membranes' unbalanced over 34 different types of fats. I have been interpreting the test since it was created, a quarter of a century ago. Consequently, I have amassed an enormous amount of data affirming what scientists throughout the world have piecemeal discovered. That is, most Americans are extremely deficient in the Omega-3 oils. Yet if you ask your doctor how many fatty acids he has examined in your blood, it will be none, much less 34. So that repair would begin with the best form of omega-3 oil that I've found which is Lemon-Flavored Cod Liver Oil in glass, not in capsules.

If the red blood cells does not have the right fatty acids in its membrane, it cannot squeeze itself into capillaries that are half its size. Therefore, you get damage in that particular organ (heart disease, memory loss, shortness of breath, etc.). The organ just can't get the oxygen and nutrients that it needs. But medicine attributes the preceding "fatigue" to aging!

Yet there's always more to the story. For the cod liver oil also must have the anchor, which is phosphatidyl choline, my favored form being PC Powder. And the cell membrane must have its guard dogs to protect it from invaders which includes the 8 forms of vitamin E as found in one daily E Gems Elite, one Gamma E Gems, and two Tocotrienols. Recall the unbelievably ignorant study in the Journal the American Medical Association that denigrated vitamin E, saying that it was not only worthless but promoted prostate cancer. As you saw in TW, the ignorance of these researchers actually created the cancers. For example, using only one of the eight forms of vitamin E, alpha-tocopherol, was as ignorant as going to the car dealer and saying you want to buy a new car, but you can only afford one out of every eight parts. But you expect the car to work! As well they underdosed the nutrient, used it for too short a time, and as always used it as a solo act as though it were a drug. They unknowingly broadcasted their incredible biochemical ignorance to the rest of the world. For nutrients are part of an orchestration. They are not a solo act like a drug, which is designed to merely poison an already damaged pathway. That's why there are so many drug categories of blockers, inhibitors, anti-inflammatories, etc. They're poison.

Mineral magic can make or break your success
For you really can't fight any virus without adequate zinc levels. You need a daily Chelated Zinc. Clearly your physician should measure your RBC zinc (not serum or plasma), and the RBC level should be in the 5th quintile (top of normal). If he is unwilling, you can always order your own, as we have repeatedly shown. Unfortunately, many people are zinc deficient. And if they go by the "norms", remember they were determined on bloods from sick people decades ago. You want to be in the top half of "normal", preferably the very top.

Stay away from statins
But back to our cell membrane, you've learned about a few nutrients that are absolutely crucial for its repair. But what's in the center or the core of the cell membrane? It's cholesterol. That's why when you take a statin (Lipitor, Crestor, Vytorin, etc.) to lower your cholesterol, you also are vastly increasing your risk of sudden amnesia (which leads to unusual unexplainable accidents and then self-corrects within a few hours), as well as increasing your risk of Alzheimer's, cancers, and much more. For you cannot poison the very center of your cell membranes, which is cholesterol, without serious consequences, one of which is increasing your ACE2 receptors. Never forget that the Cod Liver Oil, PC powder, and the eight forms of E that you just learned about wrap around one of the most crucial chemical components of the cell membrane, cholesterol.

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