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From Dr. Rogers' March 2020 Total Wellness Newsletter (TW)

Boost recent memory and quick recall memory

Are you having trouble remembering the score in a tennis or golf game or having delayed recall of something that is "right on the tip" of your tongue? Remember from 2016-19 TW how the many 7-M FDA-approved food contaminants damage memory. For one, glyphosate, the metabolite of the weed killer Roundup, permeates most of our corn, soy, wheat and other foods, which are basically the backbones of the American diet. One of the many ways that this one damages the body is by killing the ability of your gut bugs. They are needed to metabolize tryptophan into one of your "happy hormones" and of memory, serotonin. You can boost this with sublingual 5-HTP (hydroxytryptophan) 1-2 times a day.

That daily aspirin is not totally harmless

I know many of you are taking a daily aspirin, usually 81 mg, to attenuate clotting. But the benefit of the aspirin is hugely overrated compared with the composite of nutrients and phytonutrients we've discussed in TW. Plus, remember these nutrients have multiple other beneficial "side effects". The downside of aspirin (salicylic acid) is that it uses up glycine as well as glucuronic acid, two important detox pathways. You recall glycine is not only a neurotransmitter of relaxed mood but a detoxifier of common food additives like benzoic acid, auto/plane/subway exhausts, and much more as well as being an important ingredient to make glutathione, the #1 detoxifier in the body. Worse, aspirin can inhibit fatty acid beta-oxidation, which means it can act just like the phthalates do in slowly poisoning cell membranes, that are like the computer keyboard for the cell.

So if you are still going to use it, it's even more reason why you need your daily 5 Powders, membrane repair, Detox Cocktail, the fibrinolytic Nattokinase NSK SD, Niacin Time, etc. We don't all need everything, but your symptoms and energy level (as well as exposures/dental/xenobiotic history, etc.) will tell you if you should be repairing unsuspected nutrient deficiencies via the Cardio/ION. And use your hsCRP (you preferably want a level <0.1) and homocysteine (<9.0) to tell if something else is missing.

Arginine to heal blood vessels and prevent clots
In The High Blood Pressure Hoax you learned how arginine is crucial for repairing high blood pressure, endothelial dysfunction (heart attack precursor), peripheral vascular disease and erectile dysfunction, and even sleep apnea. And with our epidemics of infection and people dying of sepsis in the hospital ICUs, arginine is one of the most important amino acids for restoring infection fighting ability of white blood cells. But it is never given. Why? It is not in the practice guidelines. Yet it is also needed to prevent (and reverse) other complications that are frequent forecasters of death in the ICU, like kidney disease or brain deterioration. But as long as a doc cannot afford 80¢/week for TW, he will continue to be guided by the pharmaceutical industry rather than his own intellect.

So in 2012-13 TW, I devised the 5 Powders (which include arginine) for you to make at home for your own tailored doses. It is crucial after a person has had a heart attack. For the stents contain chemotherapy and the 5 Powders protect the recently infarcted area from becoming even more damaged. Clearly, we also use this for folks on chemotherapy since most chemotherapy drugs damage the heart so insidiously yet severely that many folks die not from their cancers, but from the (unrecognized) effects of the chemotherapy killing heart tissues.

So how much arginine should you take? It varies tremendously with what your problem is as well as your total load of toxins and nutrient deficiencies (Cardio/ ION test). As you learned in the book to guide you for your dose, The High Blood Pressure Hoax, folks need anywhere from 500-3000 mg 1-2 times/day. So if you are healthy you might just start with 500 mg of Arginine Powder daily. And if you use it as part of your 5 Powders, that also includes taurine which also decreases unwanted clots (much more on taurine in the last couple of years of TW). So how can you lose? Are you on board for arginine? Arguably, you could probably get away without taking arginine. But I can't think of a good reason to. So why should you?

Furthermore, when homocystine stays elevated there are many other deficiencies that may be present such as DHA, plus the anchors phosphatidyl serine (PS-100) and PC Powder, the 8 forms of E, molybdenum (Moly B), Chelated Copper, and much more. Remember, docs ignorant of God's healing chemistry like to think of nutritional treatments as being the same as a drug. Because they use one drug for one particular symptom (most drugs poison a particular enzyme pathway) they totally miss the fact that nutrients are an orchestration. And in addition, every nutrient works in multiple pathways, not just one, and synergistically.

Obviously, since an elevated homocysteine means the detoxification pathways are damaged, oftentimes the reverse is true. For example, too much copper (copper water pipes) or nickel (used in making trans fatty acids that permeate the fast food industry and grocery stores), or VOHs from the subway, traffic, new carpet, etc., can elevate homocysteine. Yet on the flipside, sometimes something as simple as 1-2 NAC (N-acetyl cysteine) once or twice a day can be enough to push that pathway (because NAC makes glutathione for detoxification). And other nutrients may be needed like Glycine Powder and Glutamine Powder (500 mg each) for making more glutathione and repairing damaged homocysteine. I hope this isn't too much biochemistry. But you now know more than 99% of physicians will ever know in their lifetimes. And it's more important that you know it, since it's your life that hangs in the balance.

Also with elevated homocysteine you can't make as much serine which is crucial for repairing cell membrane (it's a fatty acid anchor) and mitochondrial electricity. I know you don't want to be a molecular biochemist, but you can easily see how your life can be ruined when no one has assayed and repaired crucial nutrients that control all of your health. In fact, a simple test of whether your doctor knows enough chemistry to help you heal is just ask "Do I need serine to correct my homocysteine?" Most are completely clueless that tocotrienols are crucial as well.

Most don't even know what it is, much less that serine is crucial for repairing cell and mitochondrial membranes. And hang on to any specialist who knows that you cannot heal elevated homocysteine without this anchor. Plus, do you have sufficient zinc, copper, NAC, DHA, TMG, etc., or have they even assayed these? Their "cures" are limited to B12, folate, and B6 (and ignorance of the fact that B6 can only be converted to its active form, P-5-P, if there is sufficient zinc). Homocysteine elevation requires repair of serious detox damage, or else it guarantees you will morph into seriously deadly diseases blamed on aging.

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