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From Dr. Rogers' February 2020 Total Wellness Newsletter (TW)

Caution: The Hospital Increases your Chance of Dying
If you're in the hospital, take notice that docs and nurses do not scrub under their fingernails anymore. They merely plop their palms on a powdered disinfectant from a wall dispenser for 2 seconds. Then they use the hands and stethoscope on you that have just been on the guy with fatal Staphylococcus aureus. Countless articles question why there's so much sepsis and an avalanche of lethal hospital infections. Even the 2018 Journal of the American Medical Association just couldn't figure out why so many folks die of staph infections in the hospital or shortly after they've been discharged. But docs rarely even measure patients' vitamin D levels, E, zinc, etc. which are absolutely crucial for healing any infections. Make sure that you have checked these levels before you enter the hospital.

Timing is Everything

If there is going to be a stent or angioplasty it should be done within 90 minutes from the patient's first medical contact. And the sooner it is done the better. Why? Because for every second that there is clot stopping the flow of blood to that area of the heart, the chances of permanent death of those muscle fibers increases exponentially (O'Gara). This leads to heart failure later, sometimes necessitating a pacemaker, and of course the brain suffers as well.

But remember most stents used today are DES (drug eluting stents), meaning they are coated inside with chemotherapy that is delivered to the area that needs it the least. That's why as soon as you get home you want to use the 5 Powders in TW (2013- 14). For remember a major side effect of all chemotherapy is that it kills hearts. The only reason it is used in stents is because there is a stiff financial penalty for hospitals that have readmissions of patients within one month. This chemotherapy in the stent reduces that one month readmission rate. But as you saw in previous TW it is not always preferred over the metal stents and certainly chemo is not healthy for any area of the heart, especially an area that just had a heart attack. In fact, even folks on chemotherapy for cancer often die not of their cancers, but from the chemotherapy killing their hearts. If you are on any chemotherapy, check the last 10 years of TW for the many ways to protect the heart as well as making chemo more effective.

Valentine's Day Cardiac Rescue
Over one in three adults over 40 now has high blood pressure. It's literally an epidemic that has never been seen before. In fact, remember from previous TW, one in six folks over the tender age of 25 already has hypertension. And each year, I attend a "preventive cardiovascular course" to hear lecturers from around the country. The problem is that they are utterly clueless in terms of causes of hypertension, much less its cures. Their whole focus is drugs: Start with a diuretic, beta blocker, ACE inhibitor or ARB, then calcium channel blockers, etc. They are completely focused on their practice guidelines (drugs, devices, and surgery) and clueless about how to find cause and cure (as described and referenced in The High Blood Pressure Hoax).

If you're lucky, once in a while they mention salt, exercise, or losing weight, but very briefly. Why? There are no double-blind randomly controlled trials! Forget about common sense. And when I ask a question about anything as rudimentary as magnesium, they act as though they've been insulted and go right on to the next question. These folks don't even know what a Tocotrienol is, much less that it's an HMG CoA reductase inhibitor. Translation? It does what statins do, but is much safer than the statins that are recommended for everyone, that also poison CoQ10 energy production, as well as guarantee eventual amnesia or Alzheimer's (see The Cholesterol Hoax).

Nightshade Trip-Ups
Ever since we published our medical paper on nightshades and the book Pain Free In 6 Weeks, many people, myself included, have been freed from the grips of arthritis. When I encounter someone who says the nightshade-free diet did not help them, all I have to do is ask a few questions and I realize they really don't know how to be nightshade-free. So here are a few more of the hidden sources that we have learned about since the book.

MFS is modified food starch which is usually potato as is MFP, modified food protein. These are often injected into turkeys at Thanksgiving time and into cold cuts and other meats (deli) to increase the weight, since price is based on weight. As well, gluten-free foods usually contain potato starch as the wheat substitute. Gogi berries also known as Lycium are a nightshade that's often included in mixtures of (green) juices that are also sold in capsule and tablet form. Polkweed is also a nightshade and Petunia gene is inserted in farmed fish to make their color pinker, to make them resemble more freshness. And the Applebee chain uses potato water for steaming broccoli and other vegetables to sustain their color. Many bakeries incorporate potato starch into their recipes, as it gives the bread more body.

As well Ayurvedic herbs like Ashwagandha (Withania) are nightshades. And many vitamins contain lycopene (from tomato) and alpha lipoic acid (from potato). The R-Lipoic Acid that we recommend is not a nightshade. And then of course you want to avoid any food ingredients that merely say "spices" for those can mean paprika, cayenne, chili pepper, pepper flakes, etc.

And remember that curry powder also contains paprika and cayenne, as can Indian masala, whereas if you find curry leaf, it is pure. So knowing these as well as the other sources (especially avoid unidentified "spices") spelled out in Pain Free In 6 Weeks may allow you to be among the 3 out of 4 people (me!) who have totally cleared their arthritis.