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From Dr. Rogers' January 2020 Total Wellness Newsletter (TW)

Another Way to Heal the Gut and Obesity
Last month you learned how the plasticizers (phthalates), which unavoidably permeate our foods and environments, poison the peroxisomes that control the function of all of our genes. Recall that peroxisomes (tiny organelles inside each cell) not only control all genes, but our detoxification chemistry. Sadly we are the first generation of man to have the phthalates (plasticizers) be the highest level of pollutants in the human body (and even in polar bears!). And to repair the damaged peroxisomes involves many nutrients that are also needed for detoxification. Yet in reviewing the records from our readers in phone consults, I have never seen the records from even one gene doc teach the patient how to reverse the gene damage.

As you recall in last month's article that Tocotrienols are an indispensable nutrient for resurrecting the peroxisomes. However, no nutrient is a solo act, mainly because our bodies are so overloaded with toxins. That's why you also learned there the protocols in Detoxify Or Die, including the Detox Cocktail, followed by the heavy metal detox in The High Blood Pressure Hoax are pivotal. For both of these protocols are crucial in order to unload the body of its burden of damaging phthalates or plasticizers. The protocol in the blood pressure book involves nonprescription suppositories that are better, safer, and less expensive than IV chelation. And you can do it at home at night in your sleep! Getting rid of these plasticizers is crucial for plasticizer can actually bring on every and any chronic disease. In fact, recall that researchers use them to create rats with diabetes, cancers, and other common chronic diseases. Yet it is not standard in medicine to get rid of them.

Fortunately, as promised, there are many ways to repair these peroxisomes. Today I'll talk about how to do it with beans. It's one more reason why many folks who were given a couple of weeks to live with wildly metastatic cancers are thriving over 20 years later, because they merely did the macrobiotic diet (details, and you can talk with them, in TW 2006, 2013). You start with You Are What You Ate then go immediately to The Cure Is In the Kitchen, then Macro Mellow. You can merely ask for The Macro Trilogy at and they'll know what it is (1-800-846-6687). And for folks really serious about overcoming their cancers, also devour Wellness Against All Odds, to learn how to destroy cancer cells.

Reverse Auto-Immune Disease
An example is Hashimoto's autoimmune thyroiditis. It usually begins from a leaky gut from antibiotics and/or a bad diet. But these antibodies don't just attack the thyroid. They attack other tissues especially the brain causing Hashimoto's encephalitis. This is a silent, slow, insidious brain deterioration. Usually undiagnosed until it's late, or at autopsy. And in fact, regardless of what auto-immune disease you look at or how devastating it is, MS, rheumatoid arthritis, Lupus, Parkinson's, schizophrenia, autism, ALS, cardiomiopathy, Alzheimer's, etc., all auto-immune diseases end up attacking the brain, as well as the other "primary" organs.

Biocell Collgen II is needed to stop auto-immune misguided destruction, and Tocotrienols also play a crucial role (TW 2015-19) There are many other items that can do it (coming in TW). For this month, know that Chelated Zinc is another nutrient crucial in turning off the body's misguided attack on itself, called autoimmunity.

How does zinc work to turn down, and in many cases turn off, auto-immune disease? I'm afraid it's much more molecular biochemistry than most want to know. But basically, zinc is absolutely crucial in making the T cells (they come from the thymus gland and then 60% of them are further matured in the small intestine) and B cells (they come from the bone marrow) become the communication system between our genetics and every cell. The T and B cells determine whether we put out healthful protective and reparative cytokines or inflammatory mediators that merely drive diseases into chronicity. And they are governed by zinc, which is often deficient.

Is Hydrogen the Universal Antioxidant?
As you've learned over the years here there are only two causes for all disease: (1) The nutrient levels go down; and (2) the toxicity levels go up. It's easy to understand how one nutrient deficiency can cause symptoms. For example, low magnesium can cause high blood pressure, insomnia, migraines, back spasms mimicking a ruptured disc (as I had), leg cramps, fatigue, heart failure, asthma, or even a sudden heart attack that will not respond to cardioversion, as just one example.

But how toxins damage the body is much more difficult for folks to visualize. Basically, many toxins work by just merely stealing electrons. And you recall there are only two causes for all illnesses, the nutrient levels go down and the toxicity levels go up. And there's only one cause of death; we run out of electrons. If I were suddenly dead in front of you I'm the same nutrients, the same toxins, it's just that the electricity has stopped flowing. That's why it's so important to assay the scores of nutrients that are needed to repair mitochondria where our electrons are generated inside the cell. Most diseases start with mitochondrial dysfunction (where electrons are made). Sometimes restoring mitochondrial health is as simple as putting back the Lemon-Flavored Cod Liver Oil, PC Powder, the 8 forms of vitamin E, and PS-100 (full directions in TW 2018-19).