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From Dr. Rogers' December 2019 Total Wellness Newsletter (TW)

How to Heal in Spite of Your Cardiologist
As you've seen in previous evidence, one in six folks average age 25 already has endothelial dysfunction and early hypertension. One in three adults over age 40 has high blood pressure. The average age for first heart attack is in the 50s and 60s and it is the #1 killer. Plus 9 out of 10 folks who have a heart attack outside of the hospital will not survive.

Prepare for your worst emergency. The bottom line? It's now or never to be prepared. If you're over 50, I would definitely carry at all times injectable heparin (10,000 units, one vial, requires a prescription, I'll give even more new details for your prescriber in upcoming months since it appears most docs don't know how to write for it), magnesium (prescription form best, but substitutes are in TW) (also in individual packets), nitroglycerin, D-Ribose individual packets (Carlson), and more. If you've had bouts of atrial fibrillation as well. I would include 30 mg diltiazem tablets.

In this era, you clearly must be pro-active, for medicine has very little to do with healing. Medications are mere poisons for chemical pathways that are already "broken" (missing nutrients and bogged down with toxins). That is the reason drugs are classified by the cellular areas they poison, i.e. "beta blockers" (like metaprolol), "calcium channel blockers". "ACB inhibitors", ARB blockers, HMG CoA inhibitors (statins, like Lipitor), etc. Drugs are mere poisons.

The medical industry is merely a puppet of the drug industry, which also controls our ongoing medical educations, practice guidelines, PR, and more. I can show you records of even children whose parents had exhausted over the years all that the major medical centers had to offer for their kids' arrhythmias. Yet, for example, something as simple as finding a deficiency of Chelated Selenium, PC Powder, and a few other nutrients were the cure. These kids could now go to school and have a normal life. But what about all the other kids whose parents didn't read ICKY?

Poisoned Peroxisomes are the Kiss of Death
So, there's no excuse for any physician to disregard using tocotrienols to begin to rescue patient from diabetes, memory loss, obesity, arteriosclerosis, high cholesterol, low HDL, high triglycerides, arrhythmias, cancers, etc. Even receptors for hormones need tocotrienols to work properly.

So, 1-2 Tocotrienols daily 1-2 times daily certainly seem to be warranted in this era. Recall that real vitamin E is 8 entities, 4 tocopherols and 4 tocotrienols (alpha, beta, delta, gamma). But always remember that as wonderful as the evidence is for any nutrient, nutrients are not a solo act like a drug. They are an orchestration. You still need your Cod Liver Oil in the cell membranes and the PC Powder anchor, PS-100 and more (see TW). For example, never forget if you are taking mere "vitamin E" it is only alpha tocopherol which actually lowers the tocotrienols and gamma tocopherol. So, cheap synthetic "vitamin E' (as merely alpha tocopherol) brings on elevated triglycerides, cholesterol, arteriosclerosis, heart failure, cancers, and more. Don't use it.

Clearly 1-2 Tocotrienols once or twice a day are extremely important in thwarting the disease-causing destruction from the unavoidable phthalates on the peroxisomes you learned about. See in Detoxify or Die for how to detoxify these phthalates. For our daily unperceived tanking up is one of the major causes of our leading the world in chronic diseases.

Do You Need an Adrenal Stress Hormone Boost?
Men, average age 54, were given merely 25 mg of DHEA daily. This (1) decreased their plasminogen activator inhibitor which then makes them break down clots much better (lowering PAI-1 increases fibrinolysis). And (2) DHEA improved their vascular flow function by increasing their vaso-dilating nitric oxide.

My favorite forms are from yam, either ARG 25 mg DHEA capsules or liquid DHEA in DMSO which you can actually rub on the skin or some folks can tolerate it sublingually (but not on the tongue!).

Depressed or Neurotic? You Probably Just Have a Fat Imbalance
Diets enriched with cod liver oil have resulted in less Alzheimer's (less oxidative stress and decreased amyloid burden). This chemistry also has a bearing on turning off depression, bipolar, schizophrenia, Parkinson's, suicide, and other brain/ psychological disorders. It's not all in their heads. It's in the fatty acid imbalance in their brain nerve membranes. Start with the basic membrane oil change: Cod Liver Oil, 8 forms of vitamin E, PS-100, and PC Powder while you catch up on the doses, sources and rest of it in 2015-19 TW.

Nutrients Reverse Auto-Immune Disease
In fact, you can think of every disease as really an extended allergic attack on the body. And why does it attack? Because it's merely trying to get rid of toxins that don't belong there. Just like a sliver creates an inflammatory reaction, all disease begins with inflammation, as well as mitochondrial dysfunction (nutrient loss). And that brings us back to the 2 major causes for all disease: (1) the nutrient levels go down (creating mitochondrial that underlies all disease. And (2) the toxicity levels go up (which create inflammation and anti-bodies in the body's attempt to get rid of toxins). Yet, a multitude of nutrients as well as foods and even herbs do a better and safer job in reversing auto-immune disease. You have seen evidenced in TW examples that foods do a better job than the prescription blood pressure meds like the ACE inhibitors (Lisinopril, etc.), without causing its mysterious cough or poisoning the kidneys or brain. Or where Tocotrienols and Gamma E Gems are part of the repair of the heart's BNP versus taking the over $4,000/ year Entresto which can damage the brain, kidneys, etc.

5-P Protection Includes the Tower of Aminos, Taurine
Taurine is also used to detoxify common unavoidable volatile organic hydrocarbons (toluene, benzene, xylene) from furnishings, construction materials, computers, etc. Taurine is literally crucial in your everyday detoxification life.

Your dose depends on your total daily environmental load. Cardio/ION, my questionnaire, your past records and an expert interpretation, along with your other complementary nutrients shows you the composite. Just remember God designed your chemistry as an orchestration. Your chemistry is not a solo act of one nutrient. A dose could be anywhere from 500 mg (half a gram) to 1-3 g (1,000 - 3,000 mg) a day of Taurine Powder. As usual, I prefer the powdered from since you want to avoid as many capsules as possible. They can overload your digestive and detoxification capacity.

Never lose sight of crucial, inexpensive, and simple nutrients, like taurine. Although you often do not hear enough about it, taurine can be pivotal in your recovery. A trial of taurine, or better yet, your total 5 Powders (TW 2013-14), nightly may just be what you need to turn around your fatty liver, high blood pressure, ringing in the ears, endothelial dysfunction, erectile dysfunction, vision loss, or something else.

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