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From Dr. Rogers' June 2019 Total Wellness Newsletter (TW)

Rescue your liver before the hepatologist kills you
Super Siliphos as well as R-Lipoic Acid sure seem to me to be good liver protection in this era, not to mention Optimized Curcumin, a whole foods diet, basic liver cell membrane repair, electrons, etc. (see past TW). For never forget the liver is the chemical detoxification factory of the body. We need to keep it as healthy as possible. For the efficacy of daily detox is a major deciding factor of when and what illnesses we will get. And the liver is continually being challenged by not only the 84,000 chemicals in our modern environments, but by intestinal microbiome dysfunction, not to mention the abundant unidentified nutrient deficiencies and FDA-approved 7-M toxicities that you learned in detail in TW 2014-19. Review these to be sure you are not ignoring a simple yet potent cure for your liver.

The Antidote to Glyphosate
Back to glycine, in past TW, you learned about its importance in your 5 Powders, for example, for rescuing the heart from the damage of a cardiac stent that secretly puts chemotherapy into the very area that just had a heart attack. As in previous TW, glycine is a very important neurotransmitter in the brain. It relaxes us. And it's essential in making the #1 detoxifier in the human body, glutathione. Combined with glutamic acid and cysteine, the three aminos make up glutathione which is key in the detox process. Score of studies show folks with any disease have lower levels of glutathione. And since it is a major detoxifier, failure to detoxify our daily load is a major cause of every disease. That's why glutathione is in your Detox Cocktail. If that were all that glycine did, we could probably counteract its nasty effects with a number of biochemical tricks. But since it's the smallest amino acid, it also has two other unique responsibilities. It is indispensable for 1) making not only the flexibility of membranes, but also 2) being an anchor for much of the cellular membrane proteins. You recall the cell membrane is like the computer keyboard because all of the messages for health or disease go in and out of the cell through the membrane. And as important, you've learned that all disease begins also with mitochondrial dysfunction. The mitochondria are organelles inside our cells where one of God's myriad of miracles changes food (molecules of) into (the energy we call ) life. Never forget that these energy-generating mitochondria are predominantly made of membranes!

Tocotrienols for Healthful Longevity
Drug manufacturers would love to have a medicine that could 1) bring your aging genes to a screeching halt by inhibiting the ends of telomeres from rotting off. And wouldn't they love it also if this medication could 2) change the damaged P53 gene back to normal so that it now made abnormal cells commit suicide? And wouldn't it be great if this also 3) lowered the cholesterol and triglycerides and 4) stopped prostate cells from growing abnormally? Test your doctor! For the answer is it is not a drug but a nutrient. Tocotrienols do all of this and more. It is just one more reason why you should at least be having a couple of tocotrienols every day.

If someone you love is in a nursing home...
My mum is in a nursing home. Sometimes she has trouble sleeping at night or gets a little agitated in the daytime. They want to put her on some medication for this, but I think she's already on some other drugs and I'm not sure how they will interact. The staff tells me that these medications are used "all the time with no problem". Your advice?

If someone you love is in a nursing home, make sure they're not put on any drugs for anxiety, sleeping, or even schizophrenia, unless absolutely necessary. These merely allow medicine to ignore finding the cause. The problem with them? First, 1) most of these medications have a side effect of impairing brain function, since they steal electrons in the work of detoxification. And clearly, 2) these folks usually already have deficiencies by the mere fact that they are in the nursing home. On top of that, 3) the food is mainly processed, held over on nutrient-destroying warmers and often deficient in nutrients, thus compounding deficiencies... Of course, the best answer is to repair the brain. All the directions are in the last couple years of TW. But since she's in a nursing home, I know it's difficult to have nutrients given. You may be lucky if the solution could be as simple as a (ready-made) mix you could give them, with a teaspoon of PC Powder, and half teaspoon each of Glycine Powder and Taurine Powder. Then they would only need to add a tablespoon of Intra-Min. For the levels of most of these nutrients dwindle with age. Phosphatidylcholine is crucial for repair of brain chemistry. Glycine and taurine are relaxing amino acids in the brain, and IntraMin could be an easy solution for the multiple undiagnosed mineral deficiencies, while PS-100 made brains younger.

One or two Melatonin Sublingual tablets before bed might be enough for sleep, while other folks may need something stronger like a child's dose of nonprescription (liquid) 25 mg Benadryl (diphenhydramine). And of course, magnesium before bedtime is not only great for the brain but can relax a person for a great night's sleep (as well as help blood pressure, atrial fibrillation, leg cramps, pain depression, restless legs, etc).

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