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Dangers of Bathing & Showering in Chlorinated Water
By Dr. Roy M. Speiser

Chlorination is used by municipal water suppliers to kill disease-causing germs in our home water supply. Chlorine reacts with naturally-occurring organic matter in the water to form disinfection by-products that have carcinogenic effects.

Even at low levels, human studies point to associations between chlorine by-products and reproductive problems (congenital malformations, stillbirths, and miscarriages); heart, lung, liver, and kidney damage; and an increased risk of bladder and colorectal cancer.

When taking a shower, at around 100 degrees Fahrenheit, chlorine becomes a gas so you are inhaling chlorine by-products while absorbing it through your skin at the same time. People don't realize that 15 to 20 percent of their daily chlorine intake comes from showering or bathing.

Using shower and bathtub filters are a cost effective solution to remove up to 99 percent of the chlorine, which prevents absorption into your body. These devices are simple to install and do not require a plumber. The filters can last up to 6 months and are easy to replace.

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