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From Dr. Rogers' April 2019 Total Wellness Newsletter (TW)

Broccoli for Healing Hearts
After you've had a heart attack or stent or other major cardiovascular calamity, the chances for re-stenosis are huge. That means the clots and plaque are just going to plain come back again and further damage the lining of even more blood vessels. But one of God's vegetable families, the Brassica or cruciferous vegetables can block that (Brussels sprouts, radishes, mizuna, collard greens, arugula, cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage, bok choy, kale, etc.). You could accomplish this with a serving of kale with your morning eggs, a cabbage or arugula salad with lunch, crudities with radishes and hummus as an appetizer and some steamed broccoli with sautéed garlic at dinner. Be sure to heal your bold vessels maximally by reading The High Blood Pressure Hoax which is all about making healthy blood vessels. You don't want to go through that calamity again!

Titanium Joint Replacements
One of the big problems of titanium is that it actually causes an arthritis, which of course is why the person had a joint replacement to begin with. It can also cause the joint replacement to break down (as can the methyl acrylate glues used with it that you've learned about in previous TW). And it can cause the bone to rot and can trigger cancers. It can do more, since it can cause lung cancers, genetic damage, kidney disease requiring dialysis, mystifying neuropathies (numbness, tingling, pain, etc.), osteoporosis, Alzheimer's and more. You get the idea that it can cause just about anything. So let's see now what you can do to counteract it.

Obviously, you want to do the far infrared protocol as many days a week as you can as detailed in Detoxify Or Die along with the Detox Cocktail and the many other detoxification nutrients that we have spelled out over the last 8 years of TW, from Organic Sulfur Crystals (TW-2018) to Hydrogen, and Germanium and BioSil donating 4 electrons, to Super Siliphos, the only absorption-proven form of curcumin (Optimized Curcumin), and much more. You also want to do the heavy-metal detox protocol with the EDTA Detoxamin Suppositories that is spelled out in The High Blood Pressure Hoax. Remember, it is better than I. V. chelation, as it is done at home with non-prescription items. It is also far less expensive, safer, easier, less time-consuming, and doesn't load you up with the phthalates as you would get this heavy metal (and the others that we had accumulated that led to the implants) out of the body. For they are a major cause of mysterious chronic diseases blamed on aging. And these modern toxins target every organ.

Alzheimer's is Diabetes of the Brain
Even if you never had high blood pressure or atrial fibrillation, all of this above that you are learning will help prevent Alzheimer's. As well, I suggest How To Cure Diabetes, yes, even if you don't have diabetes. Why? Because it is the same chemistry. In fact, Alzheimer's has been called the diabetes of the brain. Never be like some of the foolish folks that I'm continually confronted with who only want to consult a doctor whose specialty is their particular disease, or only want to read about their particular symptoms. They will never understand the interrelatedness of God's phenomenal chemistry in the human body.

Fish oil doesn't work for A-fib and hypertension without PC PS, Glycine, its anchors and hinges.

Q: I've been on fish oil or capsules as recommend by my cardiologist, but still have not gotten rid of my atrial fibrillation and hypertension. What's missing?

A: I'll just list the top mistakes (out of many) that I have been seeing over the last three decades since cardiologists started recommending fish oil. (1) They recommend any oil without researching how it has been processed and what the best form would be for themselves and their patients. (2) They recommended capsules which overload the body with one more unnecessary detoxification job and can also disguise rancid oil which is damaging to the heart. The best form I have found by far is Lemon-Flavored Cod Liver Oil in glass.

(3) They forget (or never knew?) that the "membrane sandwich" requires the anchor or "bread" that holds the fish oil in place in the membrane. And they are clueless that it must also provide the hinges for flexibility or molecular flipflop (oscillation, resonance, frequency, flexibility) that is absolutely necessary for the ion channels to properly open and close millions of times a day. That is why drugs like calcium channel blockers and beta blockers are used to poison these broken channels. For the chemistry of membrane ion pores or channels controls atrial fibrillation, salt, hypertension, etc. The key anchor is non-GMO PC Powder, 1 teaspoon a day.

And (4) I've never seen the records from a cardiologist even though I see them in phone consults with my readers (from Harvard, Johns Hopkins, Mayo Clinic, Cleveland Clinic, etc.) that also incorporated the antioxidant protection of the cell membrane, the 8 forms of real vitamin E. This is best obtained with one daily each of E Gems Elite and Gamma E Gems with two Tocotrienols. The 8-parts of this vitamin make up the guard dog of the cell membrane, keeping unwanted environmental pollutants out. And don't forget glycine (killed by GMO's Roundup) is another key membrane anchor and hinge.

...These hinges also depend upon the sulfur that you read about in 2018 TW as well as Glycine Powder and PS-100 that you read about in 2013-2018 TW. I'll be going into a lot more about these hinges in the future because our lives and health depend upon them. If you could see all this under special microscopes, the molecular chemistry of the body is actually in constant motion. That is one more reason for daily molecular hydrogen tablets to stomp out the hydroxyl radicals that are continually being formed in this microscopic battle for your health.