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From Dr. Rogers' December 2018 Total Wellness Newsletter (TW)

The Real Cause of Atherosclerosis
"If you have what's called endothelial dysfunction. In other words, your blood vessels are very angry. There are only three things that make them go into spasm and create high blood pressure and then lay down plaque. The (1) nutrient levels are low, the (2) toxicity levels are too high, and (3) you have run out of healing electrons. Finally, this creates clots and death. Fortunately, it's quite reversible. But, every person is an individual with his own total body burden of deficiencies and toxicities. If you look at the last hundred people who had chronic disease, the most common deficiencies among them are spelled out in How To Cure Diabetes (yes, even if you don't have diabetes), as well as how to order your own 12- page blood test to show specifically your nutrient deficiencies. Having said that, for many people if they just take the chelated minerals zinc, selenium, lodoral, and 1000 mg of magnesium a day plus a couple of times a week the manganese, chromium, copper, BioSil, and Germanium can cover may common mineral deficiencies. Along with this, they usually need to repair the mitochondrial and cell membranes with the anchor, PC Powder, plus the eight forms of E and the cod liver oil, or sometimes just one of its part DHA. At night, they often need the very important organic sulfur for healing the glycocalyx lining of blood vessels and cells, along with the clot busters Kyolic Liquid, Nattokinase NSK-SD, and Niacin Time. This is all spelled out and detailed (doses, sources, 800 numbers, websites, my favorite brands, etc.) in the book and more in 2014-18 TW."

Choosing the Right Infant Formula
"Caution, do not buy any infant formulas that contain merely "vitamin E". This synthetic form has caused the development of mystifying diseases and even infant deaths. It is a chemical created in the laboratory to mimic God's creation. The developing child needs all of the eight forms of real vitamin E which, means four tocopherols (alpha, beta, gamma, and delta spelled out on the label) as well as the corresponding four tocotrienols. These are crucial for brain development, staving off childhood diabetes, cancers, SIDS, autism, etc. (past TW has details)."

Give the Gift of Knowledge and Health
"Government studies show now that one out of two U.S. adults has high blood pressure and it is tripling in folks under 44. How many people would benefit from your gift of The High Blood Pressure Hoaxbook? Studies also show the levels of the weed killer glyphosate are six times higher in Americans versus Europeans. This causes leaky gut, which then creates allergies, autoimmune disease, inflammation, plaque, and much more. Who wouldn't benefit from the Detoxify Or Die book? Plus, the newlyweds should all detoxify before they have their first child. We've actually had young Kansas and British Columbia farmers write to us that they got out of wheelchairs because someone at church gave them the book. Who can you help? And of course, atrial fibrillation, angina, heart failure, cardiomyopathy, heart attacks, coronary artery disease, as well as hypertension are epidemically higher in the U.S. than other developed countries. Yes, now 42 other countries have better health. That in itself is a reason why everyone you love who is over 50 should read Is Your Cardiologist Killing You? Plus, it's very important for your friends who don't want to be widows and widowers."

Excerpt Taken from November 2013 Total Wellness:
How to Heal the Heart After a Heart Attack
"Over three decades ago, scientists all over the world knew that if a patient had a sudden heart attack that giving nutrients, such as L-carnitine, made a dramatic reduction in the heart arrhythmias in the following days, especially the most lethal type from which most do not survive—ventricular arrhythmias. Yet to this day, it is not even measured much less given. If you have not devoured 2011-2015 TW, be sure you do. For these have the evidence for the Five-Powder Cocktail that you must use when you are recovering from a heart attack. It is especially important because the current stents are coated with chemotherapy, which actually kills heart tissue."

How do we Protect the Brain Against MSG Brain Damage?
"Although protection against MSG's brain damage requires the orchestration of a multitude of nutrients, there's one nutrient that stands out in protecting the brain's calcium channels against glutamate damage that leads to slow braincell death. And it especially protects the brain in the area that is responsible for recent and daily memory, the hippocampus. So what nutrient is this? It is the simple amino acid taurine. Some of you may already be using Taurine Powder 500-1,000 mg as outlined in 2011-2015 TW as part of your five powders to repair the damage to your heart after a heart attack or stent. But if not, make sure you include Glycine Powder along with your taurine to augment its performance. Start with 500-1,000 mg each daily."