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From Dr. Rogers' November 2018 Total Wellness Newsletter (TW)

Magnesium Deficiency
"The side effects of blood pressure medications don't end here. Most folks are starting with a diuretic, which lowers the magnesium. This then sets them up for a sudden heart attack or at the very least, higher blood pressure which requires more medication. This is part of the vicious cycle where the sick get sicker quicker. And if the magnesium deficiency doesn't kill them, it can lead to depression, exhaustion, adverse personality change, muscle spasms (so bad they mimic a ruptured lumbosacral disc), irritable bowel, migraines, asthma, and more. Why? Because magnesium is in over 500 enzymes. Its deficiency can masquerade as any symptom.

And then the next drug category might be a calcium channel blocker (like diltiazem, all different brand names are spelled out in the book and previous TW so you can identify your own drug category). These actually can create Alzheimer's, cancers, and more. Because think about it, when drugs are poisoning a malfunctioning body part you're bound to get into more serious trouble. The problem is your new malady is usually in a different specialty. So, the cardiologist doesn't think his medication has anything to do with you getting new symptoms.

Meanwhile, on the call-in radio shows and in letters you folks have told me how you've cured your own high blood pressure. Sometimes it was as simple as Arginine Powder, Magnesium Powder, Taurine Powder, and QODT. It all depends on the exact same nutrient deficiencies and toxicities. For others, it was as simple as getting off the nonprescription, over-the-counter meds like NSAIDs (Motrin, Celebrex, Aleive, etc.) or PPI (Next, Prilosec, omeprazole, etc.) (Details in TW 2015-2018)."

Glutamine to Boost the Gut Immune System
"Previous TW has shown you that the secretory IgA is the main anti-body (immunoglobulin) that fights off infection in the gut. Remember, the gut is sort of like our skin turned inside out. Just as our skin is exposed to a multitude of bacteria, viruses, and toxins every day, so is the gut. Therefore, making more of the gut's internal antibody, secretory IgA (sIgA), is crucial. It requires the amino acid L-glutamine, which can restore gut function by protecting and nurturing the cells that make sIgA. I would start with 1,000 mg per day and you could increase it to twice a day, but not indefinitely. If you can't heal the gut within a couple of months, find out what else is missing because there are glutamate receptors in the brain that can be adverse stimulated. Saccharomyces boullardii is a non-pathogenic probiotic yeast that can raise the secretory IgA as well. Often just one bottle finished, taking one to two capsules, one to two times per day, can do the trick."

Another Reason for a Detox Cocktail
"I would like to start showing you ways you can assess your health choices at home. For you need to know the impact that your food choices have on your body right away. You recall from TW in the last few years how Plotnick's studies showed that a high-fat meal causes arteries to go into spasm right away and lasting for hours. This starts the chemistry that creates high blood pressure and inflammation leading to plaque, heart attacks, Alzheimer's, and more. This can take minutes or hours. And you learned which nutrients can negate this dangerous effect like your Detox Cocktail. But, don't forget to add 2 extra R-Lipoic Acid and avoid alpha lipoic acid, a sign of ignorance, since 50% of it is unusable by the human body."

Thyroid Support
"It's really ironic, but I rarely even see them check iodine levels, which I think is very basic. And another common mistake is if someone has hypothyroid, they prescribe Synthroid (or generic levothyroxin) which is the inactive T4. Again, it has no chance of being converted to the active form of T-3 without sufficient selenium. If he does check the free T3, you must make sure your value is again not in the "normal" range on the lab report but at least over 3.5. Those 'norms' were established on sick people and have not been revamped in over three decades. Meanwhile, if he does prescribe thyroid, make sure you have at least one Chelated Selenium and Iodoral daily and you may just repair your thyroid gland yourself. Medical mistakes do not end there. You can take the best thyroid on the planet (natural Armour, for example), but if the thyroid receptors on the cell membranes have not been repaired, then again it cannot turn on the metabolism of energy, fat burning, and great memory. Sometimes it's as simple as three months of Carlson's Lemon-Flavored Cod Liver Oil, PC Powder, and the eight forms of vitamin E (see TW 2014-18)"

Q & A with Dr. Rogers
Q) My son was just injured in a motorcycle accident and surgeons are not sure if he will ever walk again. Is there anything we should be doing?

A) The problem is that this type of injury has such a huge amount of swelling and inflammation that it impairs nutrients getting to the area where they are most needed. Enzymes like Boluoke have improved the blood flow 30% within seven days and it keeps improving the longer folks are on it. After it has improved nerve growth and decreased inflammation, the healing nutrients can actually get to the area where they are most needed.

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