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From Dr. Rogers' September 2018 Total Wellness Newsletter (TW)

Rescue Your Brain Before it's too Late
"Harvard studies show 60% of the people who have delirium or even poor attention and brain power are not even diagnosed. That means two out of thr ee folks with brains that ar e silently deteriorating are not rescued. Some of the common excuses doctors use for ignoring this ar e that the folks are old (over 60!) or just had surgery, since anesthesia and the multitude of drugs (and food) given in the hospital seriously damage the brain. The bottom line is if you suspect your brain power dwindling, be sur e to check 2015-2018 TW and learn how to get (1) of f the braindestroying food additives and RXs that are epidemic, and (2) be on the brain-rescuing nutrients. And after hospitalization, be sure to do a Detox Cocktail, two extra R-Lipoic acid, and one or two Optimized Curcumin."

Balance Your Heart Hormones
"Unfortunately, once they have corrupted a molecule, its ef ficacy changes dramatically and the distorted chemistry creates unwanted side effects. Anyway, they are working diligently to try to figure out how to copy Mother Nature's many healing miracles. In order to keep your heart pump functioning maximally, make sure you take your nightly clot protection as detailed in pr evious TW. This includes: Nattokinase NSK-SD, Tocotrienols, Kyolic Liquid, and Niacin-Time. You could also add one Hawthorne Max V, best taken as one capsule daily between meals. And check your NT-pro BNP before as well as two months after if it was elevated (to be sure you have repaired your heart's hormones)."

Repair Your Heart Failure
"One simple measure could be to include one Hawthorne Max V daily, since it has a long track record for improving heart failure (OK, I'll spare you the science, but it does have many active flavonoids, including anthocyanidins, quercetin, etc. and improves coronary circulation by dilating coronary blood vessels, normalizes heart rate, has a positive strengthening action on the heart muscle, is a diuretic, and more).

You won't hear about it from your cardiologist because he is locked into practice guidelines and doesn't dare veer from the drug recipe that he has been sworn to uphold (see April's TW). In fact, several cardiologists now have told our readers that they cannot even prescribe the best lifesaving form of magnesium, the Windham Pharmacy prescription Magnesium Chloride Solution 200 mg/cc, because it's not in their formulary of "allowed prescriptive drugs". They are literally tied to a restricted number of drugs, none of which cure, but only temporarily relieve symptoms as the person worsens because nothing was ever even repaired."

Protect Your Heart Health
"There are many ways to reverse heart failure as you learned in Is Your Cardiologist Killing You?. As we age and areas of the heart die off, you want to pretend you have heart failure and treat it accordingly. And if you have already had heart issues, as with a positive coronary calcium score (over 400), a heart attack, cardiomegaly, stents, hypertension, arrhythmias, angina, etc., then you know you have cardiac damage that needs knowledge, repair, and vigilance!

Absolutely necessary is to look at your vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and fatty acids, as well as the status of the gut, mitochondria, detox capability, hormones, etc. The best starting test for that and how to order your own test is described in How To Cure Diabetes. And if you're serious about making your heart as healthy as possible, do the sauna and other protocols in Detoxify Or Die, then the heavy metal detox in The High Blood Pressure Hoax, plus start the Five Powders, stock up on the emergency medicines, and much more as described in TW 2011-2018. For example, review the articles on how SupraBio Tocotrienols and Gamma E Gems (my preferred form of gamma tocopherol) are precursors for the heart to make more of its own crucial natriuretic hormone and protect itself. And if you find a cardiologist who knows this, hang on to him/her.

Sounds like a lot? It sure is because you have to know what your cardiologist does not know. His education is pretty much governed by the drug industry. Remember, I'm no smarter than any other doctor. I was just sicker, as were others, which is what motivates me to keep doing the reader phone consults and TW. Being sicker also forced me into not only four specialties, but a concentrated lifetime of studying God's amazing molecular biochemistry of the human body. "

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