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From Dr. Rogers' May 2018 Total Wellness Newsletter (TW)

Environmental Toxins
"The human body needs exercise to make the electrons necessary for repair and energy. But, on the flip side exercise uses up nutrients. And of course, folks jogging along the roadside sucking down exhaust fumes and heavy metals are using up even more nutrients. And unfortunately nutrients are less available in this era, partly because we deplete them in the work of everyday detoxification. As just one small example, jogging or any other form of exercise could cause a simple deficiency of zinc. This in turn limits B6 from transforming to its active form P5P. Thus, this can elevate the quinolinate, leading to brain deterioration and Alzheimer's. We are clearly in the most toxic era of the planet Earth."

Getting Your DHA
"…Two things alone, elevated phthalate and undiagnosed zinc deficiencies, can stop flax's ALA from transforming into DHA in the human brain. And if you have other nutrient deficiencies in the liver like phosphatidylcholine (remember to take your PC Powder), then you further jeopardize the conversion to DHA. For phosphatidylcholine is the anchor of DHA in brain (and all cell) membranes.

Your solution? Obviously you want to get rid or your phthalates (crucial are Detoxify Or Die, Brassica diet, and nutrient corrections in How to Cure Diabetes). In the meantime, you are much better off making sure you have at least a tablespoon of Lemon- Flavored Cod Liver Oil (in glass) 3 times a week (or every other day) and an extra Super DHA once or twice a week, along with your daily teaspoon of PC Powder. This is real membrane repair (the rest of the membrane formulation is in TW 2013-16)."

Be Sure To Take the Brain's Most Crucial Fat
"You have to be careful and scrutinize studies that contradict what happens in real life. For example, DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) is the main omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acid (n-3) in the brain. In fact, DHA makes up more than 10% of the brain and you've seen from previous articles how it is absolutely crucial for preventing as well as reversing Alzheimer's and deterioration of our memory and moods. Also, DHA is crucial for part of the prevention as well as part of the treatment for most diseases of brain deterioration, like Parkinson's disease, AlS, MS, RSD, CFS, FM, IBS, and MND. And autopsies confirm that the brains that have these diseases are sorely lacking in DHA.

The body needs zinc to make DHA from EPA. It's main sources are either seafood or sea vegetables (the seaweeds in the macrobiotic diet). DHA also can come from alpha linolenic acid that is in flax seed, flax oil, purslane (a common weed high in n-3), and DHA is in cod liver oil. But, converting to DHA only happens if the body is free of phthalate poisoning. However, phthalates are the highest toxin in the human body!"

"Q: l've just found that I have an elevated score of 400 on the coronary calcium score. Where do I begin?

A: Next you want to find out what's wrong with your chemistry and get a Cardio/ION with an excellent interpretation. And be sure to test the person who is interpreting it because your life depends on it. I would suggest you start to review TW 2010-18, Is Your Cardiologist Killing You?, The High Blood Pressure Hoax, The Cholesterol Hoax, Detoxify Or Die, No More Heartburn, and How To Cure Diabetes. Yes, even though you don't have the diseases that are in the titles. I never leave anyone out when I write a book. You have to become an expert because the conventional guidelines in medicine only see this as a deficiency of statins, which guarantee Alzheimer's, quadruples disease risk, and creates new diseases. Remember, cholesterol is merely a band-aid warning that you had better find out why it has been called to the front to protect your cells from further damage by laying down plaque. Start with Niacin Time, Nattokinase NSK-SD, Kyolic Liquid, and Tocotrienols, (exact doses are in TW)."

Nutrients for Mitochondria
"Electrons are made in the mitochondria. That is why all diseases include MD (mitochondrial dysfunction). If you can't make electrons, you can't heal anything. And in order to make electrons, you must repair the mitochondria where they are made. It is that simple. But, when I see the reader assays many have mitochondria that are literally starving for the right fatty acids, as one tiny example, and choked with the wrong ones, as with the coconut oil craze. And in review of reader records prior to interpretation of their Cardio/IONs, I have never seen the records from Mayo, Harvard, Cleveland, or Hopkins clinics that address it. And in reviewing practice guidelines for TW, I have yet to see the practice guidelines from any medical specialty that even mentions it. That is why we have stressed repair of the mitochondria in the last few years. If you don't repair mitochondria, you can be forever saddled with an "incurable" problem.

The bottom line is, just because medicine prefers to work totally blindly without assaying your nutrients, you don't have to go through life working blindly. Assaying your nutrients can be one of the most crucial decisions of your life. If you cannot afford the assay, follow the nutrients for mitochondrial repair in How To Cure Diabetes, which spells out the most common deficiencies we've seen in over 1,000 Cardio/IONs in the last two decades. You can put many of the minerals on just twice a week except for, of course, zinc, magnesium, selenium, germanium, and iodine, which usually deserve daily doses. How to further organize your nutrients is in TW."