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Excerpted From Dr. Rogers' March 2018 Total Wellness Newsletter (TW)

Environmental Endocrine Disruptors & Your Thyroid

"Environmental endocrine disruptors (EED) actually make a beeline for hormones. The sign of a clueless doctor is if he says you have low thyroid and I'm going to give you Synthroid. It sounds wonderful, but what is Synthroid? It's synthetic T4, the precursor, not the natural thyroid hormone that makes you energetic. T4 has to be converted to T3 to be the active form. But, if they don't check your red blood cells for selenium you're in trouble.

You're hypothyroid, you're overweight, you're depressed, and tired all the time, but they (doctors) tell you that your thyroid is fine and you're taking thyroid medication. They say you must just be getting old. They don't check the gland, so you can repair it—with iodine and so forth. If they do give you Synthroid, the synthetic form, they don't check selenium levels so that you can convert it. And they don't check the receptors where the thyroid hooks into the cell membrane. If you don't have phosphatidylcholine, the 8 forms of E, etc. then it never works, no matter what form of thyroid hormone you take. Then, they forget the last thing—the gut is the second brain."

Protect Yourself from Vitamin D Deficiency

"Don't become a victim of vitamin denigration. There is a very dangerous and damaging effort in the medical research focused on vitamin D. Some studies have shown that 80%-90% of the United States population is low in vitamin D. And as you all know, the cut-offs for normal levels on many conventional labs (including for vitamin D) are over two decades out-of-date. Most labs say that 30 ng/mL is normal; whereas, you know from the evidence that we have presented that you need to be at least over 60 and preferably over 80.

In the last few years, I've shown you articles that were flagrant examples of ignorant researchers professing erroneous conclusions that vitamin D doesn't help anything from heart disease to other chronic illnesses...Unfortunately, these researchers appear utterly clueless about further sophisticated healing, such as healing the vitamin D receptors that are in every cell membrane, making sure that folks had enough sulfur, or a normal gut or kidney function—all of which determine vitamin D metabolism. If these are not assayed and repaired, then you can give vitamin D until the cows come home, but it probably will not work. Having gone through thousands of Cardio/lONS for a couple of decades, I've seen that the average person requires 10,000 IU of Vitamin D3 Monday through Friday at least to attain a wonderfully therapeutic level between 80 and 100. So by all means keep reading because it's the only way I know of for you to protect yourselves from the dangers and insanity that continually pervade medicine."

Hidden Causes of Allergies

"Clearly there is a marked increase in allergies now because of the leaky gut. And some of the major causes of leaky gut include not only antibiotics, but FDA-approved GMO foods (soy and corn especially), trans fatty acids, and phthalates. How to heal the leaky gut is in the book all about the gut, No More Heartburn. Then, check back in your last few years of TW so that you can learn how to make sure you have removed these and devour The E. I. Syndrome Revised to find your hidden causes of allergies. You may just clear up your allergies without any injections, as many of us have. Remember, there's a cause and a cure for everything. The trick is to make the body healthy enough (supplying electrons, nutrients, time, gut repair, detox, reading, etc.) to be able to make new cells that override the old diseased ones as they die off."

What Did You do to Detox Today?

"At least incorporate three detox parameters into your daily living. In fact, ask yourself at the end of each day, "How many ways have I detoxified today?" Have you done your Detox Cocktail, drank some alkaline water, sat in the far infrared sauna, eaten some live raw foods, or taken some nutrients that give electrons like Germanium and BioSil? And have you boosted brain metabolism with Lithium Orotate, Optimized Curcumin, and Lemon-Flavored Cod Liver Oil with its PC Powder anchor? There are countless other ways to make yourself healthier. And we all need to keep learning about more, since we are the most toxic humans to ever inhabit the planet Earth."

You May Need More Acid for H. Pylori

"If you have heartburn, the first things to look at are simple logical things like what you ate or drank that is probably causing it, from caffeine to alcohol or aspirin. And sometimes something as simple as a little peppermint or ginger tea can simmer it down. And odd as it may sound, some folks have acid reflux because they are deficient in zinc and therefore, don't make enough hydrochloric acid to digest food, which then bubbles up and irritates the lower esophagus. A trial of HCI with Pepsin can provide the answer.

And remember, the infection H. pylori is so common that in some studies it's in two out of three folks' stomachs, even without symptoms. Worse yet, this bug migrates from the stomach, where it may be causing heartburn, into the coronary arteries to cause plaque, which is a much more serious problem.

The bottom line is if you are not able to solve it with simple remedies, it's time to become an expert in learning how to turn it off (details in No More Heartburn). For the last thing you want to do is accelerate aging with a PPI that will invariably take you into other seemingly unrelated illnesses, while the underlying cause remains unresolved. For remember, medicine rarely looks for cures, but merely ways to perpetuate and increase your use of drugs."