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From Dr. Rogers' February 2018 Total Wellness Newsletter (TW)

Plastic Food Wraps Trigger Adult Diabetes & Obesity in Fetuses

"Mountains of research now prove that a pregnant mother having alcohol, a high-fat diet, or even a high sugar diet can trigger adult diseases in her unborn child. These range from juvenile to adult diabetes, abnormally early cardiovascular disease, obesity, sub-normal brain function, hypothyroidism, and much more. But now, even more potent in creating adult diseases in the unborn are the many xenobiotics (foreign chemicals) hidden in food wrappings (plastic, styrofoam) that silently permeate their products. Obstetricians and pediatricians appear clueless about warning the millennials regarding diet, much less how to detoxify themselves before procreation (details in Detoxify or Die). If you care about the future adult health of your unborn or young grandchildren, you will need to take the educational reins. For who else will?"

The Better Folic Acid
"Folic acid is the synthetic form of the vitamin folate (B9). The synthetic form is the one that is in most nutrients and government-mandated supplementation of fortified cereal products. Since it is synthetic it should not be surprising that it has negative effects in the body, such as reducing natural killer cells that are designed to fight off abnormal cells. A better choice would be folinic acid as in a daily sublingual, 1 mg Folixor."

ls That Nutrient Really Outdated?
"I know many of you are often questioning the short expiration dates on not only prescriptions, but nutrients too. It turns out that more than 90% of over 100 drugs that the FDA tested were safe and effective at least 15 years past their reported expiration dates.

A good rule of thumb is to refrigerate items if you stockpile, especially oilsoluble nutrients like vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin E, CoQ10, and cod liver oil as examples. Generally, fats and vitamins can go bad faster than minerals. Although recall in the past how I found a 5-year outdated bottle, that I had misplaced, of Carlson's Lemon-Flavored Cod Liver Oil and it was as fresh as new.

And again that's one reason for choosing, as wisely as we can, the most ethical manufacturers/processors. There is a huge amount of competition especially on the Internet and I would suggest never going by price alone, but stick with well known producers. For many supplements I've seen are worse than taking nothing. Minerals are probably the longest-lasting, especially if they are a solo product. Obviously, bad odor or discoloration of tablets, capsules, and especially liquids would mean they have oxidized (lost their beneficial electrons) and should be discarded."

Natural Cardio-Protection

"And the neat thing was this nutrient did a better job than the drugs. And that's precisely why it has been ignored by commercially driven medicine. And yet as an extra added benefit, we know from more modern day studies that this nutrient is one of the few that can also raise the good HDL cholesterol, lower the lipoprotein (a), and change the small LDL into the less dangerous large LDL. And it's a vasodilator, which brings nutrients, oxygen, and electrons to tiny distal areas in all organs! There's no drug that can do all of this. The forgotten nutrient? It's simple niacin, better known to you as vitamin B3. But, remember the one l showed you in The Cholesterol Hoax has the best evidence behind it (check this regarding your liver worries, the flushing solution, and don't substitute niacinamide, etc.). So I would only use Niacin-Time, at least 1 tablet daily. And if you can do it twice a day, it's even better cardio-protection."

Detox Tips for Your Skin
"You just have to remember one important thing about eczema. When the detoxication of the body is overloaded, it starts putting toxins out in the skin as sort of a last resort. So for most folks it merely involves getting the liver, the main detox organ, healthier. Sometimes it can be as simple as a detox cocktail. Or you may need to do a more thorough detoxification as described in Detoxify or Die followed by The High Blood Pressure Hoax! metal detox.

If that fails, then you need to heal the next big-time detox organ, the gut. For the gut is responsible for over half of the detoxification of the entire body. How to detoxify the gut is described beginning in the book all about healing the gut—No More Heartburn. Sometimes it can be just as simple as healing the leaky gut or getting rid of the Candida as described in Chapter 4 in How To Cure Diabetes."

Taken from November 2015 Total Wellness:
How do we Protect the Brain against MSG Brain Damage?
"Although protection against MSG's brain damage requires the orchestration of a multitude of nutrients, there's one nutrient that stands out in protecting the brain's calcium channels against glutamate damage that leads to slow brain cell death. And it especially protects the brain in the area that is responsible for recent and daily memory, the hippocampus. So what nutrient is this? It is the simple amino acid taurine. Some of you may already be using 500-1,000 mg of Taurine Powder daily as outlined in 2011-15 TW as part of your five powders to repair the damage to your heart after a heart attack or stent. But if not, make sure you include Glycine Powder along with your taurine to augment its performance. Start with 500-1,000 mg each daily."