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From Dr. Rogers' October 2017 Total Wellness Newsletter (TW)

All Eight Vitamin E Compounds
"You remember from the last few years of TW that real vitamin E is not one thing, but eight entities—four tocopherols (alpha, beta, delta, and gamma) and four tocotrienols—that are as different as night and day. For one reason, tocotrienols have three unsaturated bonds in their chemical structure, while the tocopherols do not have any. What is the importance of that? These three unsaturated chemical bonds make tocotrienols an extremely potent disease killers... It comes out to three Tocomin SupraBio Tocotrienols, three times a day. And obviously you want the best form possible, so I would suggest avoiding substitutes (unless you've successfully done more research than I have)."

Caution on Coconut Craze
"I know organic coconut oil is delicious, great for frying, and has many documented benefits.

But, the assay of 34 fatty acids that I review with folks on the phone clearly shows that for many their cell membranes are literally choked with saturated fats, which have replaced the important omega-3 disease-fighting oils. This leaves their cells starving for the most important protective fatty acids. And just recall a smattering of the evidence that we've reported in the past from any age level.

For example, DHA is an amyloid eater, in other words it prevents Alzheimer's, while pregnant mothers ingesting DHA have kids with higher intellect, less need for glasses, less hyperactivity and learning disability, etc. A good rule of thumb is to have your Lemon- Flavored Cod Liver Oil and PC Powder every other day and keep your daily cooking oils to less than three tablespoons. And of course that amount may need to be drastically reduced, depending upon your medical conditions. Don't fall blindly for trendy recommendations without assay."

Boosting Electrons
"In the last year, we have talked about the many ways of boosting electrons for healing. I want you to be aware though that the two best electron donating minerals are Germanium and BioSil (orthosilicic acid). They both are crucial semiconductors for not only computers, but also for the electricity of the human body. They both have four electrons in their outer orbits that donate and neutralize free radicals. Make sure you get a daily dose of each."

Here are Some of our Favorite Quotes from Over the Years:
November 2016 Total Wellness Newsletter (TW)

Pro-Hormone Vitamin D

"Don't forget that some nutrients are actually hormones in disguise, like vitamin D. It's not only crucial for bone metabolism, but for heart, brain, recurrent infections, depression, diabetes, and in fact every disease. For you can't heal a disease without enough D because it causes redifferentiation… As well, don't forget that the heart is really a hormonesecreting organ. It secretes natriuretic peptide, which controls salt sensitivity. That's why with aging, low nutrients, stents, heart attacks, and even hypertension, the heart stops making as much BNP as it did. And the person is suddenly hypertensive or has arrhythmia when they have more salt than their heart can handle."

February 2015 Total Wellness Newsletter (TW)

Environmental Toxins Poison the Thyroid Gland
"The number one gland to be poisoned (by toxins or environmental endocrine disruptors) is the thyroid, which controls energy, cholesterol, depression, heart disease, weight, and more. As you learned in 2014 TW, when the thyroid gland is overtly under-functioning, practice guidelines encourage doctors to prescribe Synthroid. But, this has many problems. First of all, it's not the active T3 thyroid hormone, but T4. This has to be converted to T3 in order to work in the body. The problem is that this requires selenium and they're not trained to check for RBC selenium deficiency...There is another reason why these thyroid glands, which have become targets of environmental pollutants, are stalled for healing. That's because most glands are deficient in iodine…There are many reasons for iodine deficiency, starting with factory smokestack, incinerator, and transportation exhaust producing heavy metals, which displace iodine from the soil, resulting in less uptake in plants we use for food….So you're first line of defense? Besides avoidance and modification of lifestyle, as much as you are able at this point, you need to restore the iodine that is missing. In fact, iodine deficiency is another hidden epidemic that medicine ignores. The best (nonRx) form is Lugols (J Crow) 2% solution in glass dropper bottles. Since Iodoral is indefinitely backordered, five drops of Lugol's is equal to one Iodoral tablet."

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