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From Dr. Rogers' July 2017 Total Wellness Newsletter (TW)

What's Your CRP?

"Let's look at a very simple blood test that is available in every commercial laboratory and any physician can order. In fact, it should be part of every physical. Fortunately, if your doctor is unknowledgeable enough to skip ordering these tests for you, there are increasingly more internet ways for folks to order their own tests now. As an example, a simple hsCRP (high sensitivity C-reactive protein) over 2.0 shows you are already in serious trouble because you are in an inflammatory mode that could be leading to your first heart attack or any number of other devastating diseases (June TW). And of course as you have learned here, fixing your cell membrane with the right levels of Cod Liver Oil, PC Powder, and the eight forms of vitamin E (details in June TW) can be crucial in reversing an elevated CRP (directions in How to Cure Diabetes—under membrane repair)."

Alzheimer's and Huntington's Brains Lack PC

"Consult any neurologist about any number of the worst degenerative brain diseases, like Alzheimer's or Huntington's disease, and they will tell you there's no known cause. And this includes a list of other conditions where the nervous system has deteriorated, like lower motor neuron disease and reflex sympathetic dystrophy. Because there are no effective drugs for these, folks are told there is no known cause and no known treatment. Yet as you have seen in previous TW, they don't even examine the gut which is the "second brain", much less the very primary nutrients in the brain. For example, phosphatidylcholine is absolutely crucial in healing any degenerative damage of the brain or in fact any part of the nervous system, the gut, and actually all cell membranes. Make sure you start with a teaspoon of PC Powder daily. You have seen the evidence that ALC Powder and R-Lipoic Acid have reversed old age damage to the brain's hippocampus learning center, while Optimized Curcumin, Blueberry, and even something as simple as fresh slices of ginger in a tea can thwart amyloid. Yet don't overlook simple things like spinach, mizuna, arugula, cilantro, or fresh berries and other fruits in a morning smoothie. God has provided a huge array of choices to reverse damage in old brains, if we just feed our "hippo" correctly."

Better Bones
"The best test of bone is not to get a bone scan that requires radiation and merely reflects bone status that began taking hold two years ago. A much better test is a blood test, an N-telopeptide, which shows if you are losing bone NOW. It is the best test to show if your current nutrient program is sufficient to rebuild bone or if you are still losing bone. If your N-telopeptide is elevated, then first check your vitamin D level to be sure it's between 80-100 ng/ dL. To build bone, your best plan of attack is to get the Cardio/ION (while still available) and determine your overall deficiencies, especially the minerals that have been booted out like magnesium, copper, zinc, and selenium. If you can't afford that and you know you are losing bone and are low in vitamin D, the following represents nutrients that have reversed osteoporosis within a year or two for many. In my 30s, I was told my bones were so osteoporotic it looked like they were 78 years old. I corrected it with nutrients. Usually bones need Vitamin D3 10,000 IU, Monday through Friday, to attain the optimal level. It would be a good idea to add a special type of collagen called Collagen II to rebuild the bone (evidence in Pain Free in Six Weeks) plus Nutra Support Joint, two each, twice a day. And of course 2 big squirts of BioSil, one or two Germanium 125 mg twice a day, a big swallow of Intra-Min, as well as your membrane repair (How to Cure Diabetes)."

Reject that Statin
"Make sure you understand the reasons that allow you to reject you physician's prescription for a statin. For starters, the statin drugs are linked to Alzheimer's, cardiac disease, and cancers—and don't forget everything I say we have the scientific evidence and backup for in previous TW or books. And your doctor will argue that a statin drug like Lipitor, Crestor, or Vytorin reduces your risk of dying of heart attack by 36%. What this shows is: He never heard of a Tocotrienol and is clueless that it is an HMG CoA reductase inhibitor. In other words, this half of real vitamin E works in the same pathway that a statin does, but naturally. So, as a consequence it doesn't cause Alzheimer's, cancers, and other diseases."

Help Stop the Growth of Abnormal Cells
"You have seen the past TW referenced articles on a multitude of nutrients from minerals like selenium and zinc, to vitamins like Tocotrienols and Vitamin D, to phytonutrients like Curcumin, and much more that have undeniable roles in stopping the growth of abnormal cells via multiple pathways. Just imagine what happens when you intelligently combine (orchestrate) many, as in the macrobiotic diet. No wonder it has literally cured diseases in folks who were given up on by medicine, given mere days to live and now 20 years later are very well."

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