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Recommended by Dr. Sherry Rogers From Dr. Rogers' June 2017 Total Wellness Newsletter (TW)

Everything is NOT Okay After Your Heart Attack
"Continually folks are told everything is fine after they've been rescued from a heart attack with a stent. But, that's far from the truth and precisely the time you need to get smarter than your cardiologist Be sure you're on the 5 Powders to protect your heart muscle from being killed by the chemotherapy in the drug-coated stent, as well as making sure that you have the right doses of Cod Liver Oil, magnesium, PC Powder, and 8 forms of E that have been proven to vastly reduce your chances of the next heart attack. It's either, invest your time in reading or spend it as a patient in waiting rooms and the coronary ICU. It's your choice."

Why You Need to Detoxify
"When scientists drop helicopters down in pristine areas where there are no roads and collect all sorts of animal species, from fish and frogs to deer and polar bears, animals in the wild have phthalates. There is no escaping if you are on the planet earth. Fortunately as you saw in Detoxify or Die, you have ways to get them out of your body. If just those toxins were all we had to deal with, that would be staggering enough. But, the thyroid-destroying PBDEs from your (government legislated) fire retardants in your mattress, couch, chairs, and heart damaging PFOA from Teflon cookware and stain-resistant carpet, as just a few examples of our 8,000 xenobiotics poisoning us. As well as the Detox Cocktail, far infrared sauna, and other modalities described in Detoxify or Die and TW, fortunately there are even more ways to detox."

Magnesium Depleters
"Joggers, gym rats, tennis players, or any sports enthusiasts and even gardeners who sweat a lot, lose more magnesium than the average person. Then, diets high in sugars, sodas, calcium, alcohol, Nexium, and of course over-the-counter cousin medicines, like Prilosec and omeprazole, as well as antibiotics and antacids can dangerously deplete magnesium. They are all PPIs, proton pump inhibitors, meaning they kill the generation of healing electrons in the stomach. That's how they create disease! You have many options open to you, from pills like Chelated Magnesium (Carlson, you would need at least six a day) or Magnesium Powder (at least 2 teaspoons a day, if diarrhea doesn't limit you) or Magnesium Chloride 90 and others."

Resolving Dybiosis
"Dysbiosis merely means abnormal amounts of 'bad' bugs in the gut. For example, gut fungi from antibiotics can make an enzyme (thiaminase) that destroys vitamin B1, so that the lactate levels rise and cause mysterious fatigue and body aches. Also, overgrowth of yeasts in the gut from antibiotics can trigger the body to make anti-bodies that attack its own thyroid leading to Hashimoto's thyroiditis. And the yeast makes acetylaldehyde, which creates brain fog. But, if you don't have enough molybdenum to detoxify it, you can be stuck with it (see Tired or Toxic). Furthermore, an overgrowth of the wrong bugs in the gut (dysbiosis) can produce an organic acid called tricarballyate (we can measure it on your Cardio/Ion). That inhibits your absorption of magnesium, no matter how much you take. When tricarballyate chelates out enough of your magnesium, this leads to sudden cardiac arrest which cannot be resuscitated because there is not enough magnesium in the heart to make it work. So make sure that your gut is healed."

Saving Your Memories
"Meanwhile you are very smart in recognizing the early signs of reversible brain deterioration. The longer a person waits, the more irreversible the brain damage becomes. And one reason people wait too long is because they don't know that it's the new memory that counts the most. They think because they can remember things that happened decades ago that their mind is fine. What they don't understand is that back then, they had enough of the chemistry to make new memory. But, now they don't. So where is new memory made? Those of you who have kept up with the last few years of TW know that it's in the brain area called the hippocampus. And as you have learned, your hippo loves all sorts of things that boost memory-making electrons like blueberries, ginger, and curcumin—plus, of course, he craves membrane repair. You might say fruits and fats are a place to begin. If you don't have time to get them all in, consider making your own ginger tea and using phytonutrients, like Blueberry Extract and Optimized Curcumin."

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