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Recommended by Dr. Sherry Rogers From Dr. Rogers' May 2017 Total Wellness Newsletter (TW)

Vitamin D in Place of the Pneumococcal Vaccine
"Trevnar, the pneumococcal vaccine by Pfizer brings in over $27 billion a year (Wall Street Journal B1, Sept. 27, 2016). And government regulations prevent anyone from suing for adverse effects from faulty manufacturing techniques or any vaccine complications. Yet the FDA allows prescription Nexium as well as non-prescription omeprazole and Prilosec, even though proven to increase pneumonias by 30%, plus cancer and heart attacks. But, the commercial laboratory cut-off for vitamin D is too low to prevent pneumonias and should be 80, not 30 ng/mL. These are but small examples of the many "oversights" that help promote drugs, over scientificallybased and less expensive greater health. Consider having a level between 80-100 ng/mL for vitamin D3, which is easily obtainable with 10,000 IU of Vitamin D3, Monday through Friday, and skipping the vaccine."

Nutrients for Thyroid
"… You can't heal the thyroid without adequate iodine, selenium, phosphatidylcholine, the eight forms of vitamin E, EPA, DHA, etc. But these are rarely checked, even in the most high profile endocrinology clinics across the globe. I know because when I do phone consults with folks in two dozen countries, I first review your medical records that you send me from the last three years."

Chelated Copper
"If the enzyme cytochrome C oxidase, which is crucial in this pathway, is deficient in the simple mineral copper then this reaction doesn't take place and energy is not made. On the flip side, you recall from TW in the last few years that many over-the-counter supplements, Centrum as one proven example, have a form of copper in the right form to promote Alzheimer's. Make sure you have a Chelated Copper at least twice a week, but always on a very full stomach."

Detox Phthalates
"…Study physicians realized the vitamin A was important, but did not understand that the phthalates that permeate our diet destroy this chemistry (and must be gotten rid of as with the protocol in Detoxify Or Die). Nor did they even understand that in order to convert dietary beta-carotene to vitamin A you must first repair the person's unsuspected Zinc deficiency. For you cannot convert vitamin B6 to the active form P5P."

Taurine as an Antioxidant, Detoxifier, and Energy Booster
"So let's take a look at a very simple nutrient that you probably don't even think of as providing electrons, so you can see how amazing the human body is. It's one of the simplest amino acids, taurine. In fact, I've been suggesting you include it in your 5 Powders from a few years now (TW 2011-16). Why, because taurine is one source of electrons. So it acts as an antioxidant, quenching the flames of inflammation. And taurine is required for maintenance of the mitochondria where energy is created. Remember mitochondria are merely the little organelles inside of every cell, where God's miracle of changing a molecule of food into the thing we call energy or life occurs. Man has never been able to duplicate it.

And not only does taurine play a role in creating our energy (life), but also for the transport of other electrons throughout the body. If that were not enough, it is a detoxifier. And because it's also crucial for the function of magnesium, sodium, and potassium pumps in the cell membrane channels, to regulate heart rhythm and blood pressure, while it decreases blood clots.

And because taurine is crucial in improving nerve regeneration, I have had many cases where years of seizures were cured by incorporating taurine, along with other missing nutrients. Taurine also detoxifies the liver (as for the #1 fatty liver disease now, NASH). If that were not enough, it makes bile which is needed for absorption of all your fat-soluble nutrients (vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin E including E's 4 tocopherols and super-crucial 4 Tocotrienols, CoQ10, and of course the life-supporting essential fatty acids)."

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