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From Dr. Rogers' March 2017 Total Wellness Newsletter (TW)

Boost Energy with CoQ10
"Because CoQ10 is manufactured in your mitochondria, a low level is a sign that the mitochondria are seriously damaged. Don't forget that the mitochondria are little organelles inside of our cells where God's miracle occurs; changing a molecule of food into the thing we call "energy" or "life". Mitochondria make the electrons (see last year's TW) that are necessary for turning off abnormal cells and stopping the clotting that causes death. If the cell membranes that make up the mitochondria do not have the right chemistry, (EPA, DHA, PC, eight forms of E, PS, etc.) they cannot make the CoQ10 needed for the energy (electrons) necessary for healing any disease…

In the meantime, you could certainly take CoQ10 because you would be smart enough to balance it with other nutrients and not try to treat a nutrient like a drug, as though it were a solo act. It's fine to use 3-4 Q-ODT, 3 times a day. I like the sub-lingual form because it bypasses the gut, which is most likely in need of healing as well. In fact, it's a rare person with any form of cancer who doesn't have asymptomatic gut abnormalities interfering with healing (to be discussed in upcoming TW)."

Lower Fibrinogen with Nutrients
"…an elevated fibrinogen is an independent risk factor for early death and is much more lethal than high cholesterol. This means that having an elevated level all by itself is a sign of danger (that you do not have a chance to repair). But if you have any other risk factors on top of this, that increases your chances of an earlier demise even more so, unless you get proactive and repair it.

And likewise, back in a 2006 TW, I gave you the evidence from researchers confirming the necessity of dozens of nutrients needed to correct an elevated fibrinogen. For example, you saw the evidence for how cod liver oil reduces the fibrinogen and your hypercoagulability (clot forming). And, of course, you smart readers know you have to accompany that with a daily teaspoon of PC powder to anchor the essential fatty acids in the cell membrane, unfortunately these researchers were not aware of this crucial fact. Yet over a decade later, physicians don't even check the levels of EPA and DHA to be sure that you are higher than the fifth quintiles (preferably you should be 200 or more for both of them on the Cardio/ION).

And if physicians do recommend some "fish oil", they don't specify the best quality which has to gyrate, oscillate, flip-flop, and resonate with your body chemistry. The molecules in our membranes are constantly in motion in order to work. The sloppy recommendation of any old cheap encapsulated and even potentially rancid fish oil with questionable manufacturing, packaging, and storage practices can actually bring your chemistry to a screeching halt. To lower fibrinogen, the molecules in your cell membranes have to be active enough to be in continual motion and be of the highest quality with no capsules hiding rancid oil. Cheap nutrients are unable to generate the frequency of healing. The best is Carlson Lemon-Flavored Cod Liver Oil."

Reduce Heavy Metals
"Heavy metals create any disease by actually kicking minerals, such as zinc, out of an enzyme and taking its place. And you recall from a previous TW how zinc is in over 200 enzymes. Which enzyme it damages in your system may be totally different from someone else's. Hence, you may have different symptoms from the same deficiency. Because the metal is heavier, it brings the frequency, gyration, oscillation, vibration, or electrical nature of the enzyme to a screeching halt. You can appreciate how heavy metal toxicity is the bane of our 21st century existence.

The best ways I know of to reduce the level safely and with the least expensive and most healthfully are with the protocols beginning in Detoxify Or Die, then progressing to The High Blood Pressure Hoax (use the number in there for the best nonprescription home detox, Detoxamin). And of course with any detoxification, you need the detox enemas and more that are found in Wellness Against All Odds. As well, subsequent TW has even more non-prescription remedies, such as PectaSol (2012 TW) and more.

Having said that, remember that there is usually more than one way to solve a problem. Recall as detailed in Pain Free In Six Weeks, when I had six months of a useless extremely painful shoulder following a mercury amalgam in a broken tooth in that meridian. Because I was highly chemically-sensitive in those early years, I couldn't tolerate returning to the dentist to have the mercury removed."

Nutrients for Lower Blood Pressure

"Common medications for high blood pressure are calcium channel blockers. Their worst complication is that they shrink the brain within five years and rot the intellect. They go by various names, such as Norvasc, Diltiazem, Calan, Vasotec, and much more (all the dozens of names are in past TW). But, these drugs also have caused serious skin reactions in people, sometimes fatal. Often, it's just an ugly brown blotchy pimply reaction, but at other times it can blister and peel and involve deeper vessels, which can cause death. In fact, the skin and vascular reactions can be anywhere in the body.

I would suggest you start with the High Blood Pressure Hoax and learn how to get off this Rx and you may find that your skin clears up. Sometimes high blood pressure can be as simple as the Magnesium Chloride Solution prescription (2016 TW), Arginine Powder, and the membrane repair described with even more details in How To Cure Diabetes."